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Members of the SOX family of transcription factors are characterized by the presence of a DNA-binding high mobility group (HMG) domain, homologous to the HMG box of sex-determining region Y (SRY). Additionally we are shipping SOX12 Antibodies (62) and SOX12 Proteins (5) and many more products for this protein.

list all ELISA KIts Gene Name GeneID UniProt
SOX12 6666 O15370
Anti-Rat SOX12 SOX12 689988  
SOX12 20667 Q04890
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Human SRY (Sex Determining Region Y)-Box 12 (SOX12) interaction partners

  1. Study findings suggested that miR744 inhibited migration and invasion of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) cells by targeting SOX12, and that it may represent a therapeutic target for the treatment of metastatic HCC.

  2. SOX12 can increase the expression of CDK4 and IGF2BP1, which confer malignant phenotypes to HepatocellularCarcinoma.

  3. Data found that, in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) cell lines, Sox12+ HCC cells generated significantly more tumor spheres in culture, were more chemo-resistant to cisplatin, were detected in circulation more frequently, and formed distal tumor more frequently compared to Sox12- HCC cells. Moreover, Sox12 appeared to functionally contribute to the stemness of HCC cells.

  4. SOX12 may be involved in leukemia progression by regulating the expression of beta-catenin and then interfering with TCF/Wnt pathway, which may be a target for AML.

  5. In this study we screened the transcriptional profiles of 70 MCL patients for SOXC cluster and miR17, miR18a, miR19b and miR92a, from the miR-17-92 cluster. Gene expression analysis showed higher SOX11 and SOX12 levels compared to SOX4 (P

  6. Up-regulated Sox12 induced by FoxQ1 promotes hepatocellular carcinoma invasion and metastasis by transactivating Twist1 and FGFBP1 expression.

  7. This genome-wide screen has identified two novel metastatic suppressors: TMED3 and SOX12, the knockdown of which increases metastatic growth after direct seeding.

  8. SOX12 and NRSN2 were identified as candidate genes that may be involved in the developmental defects in 20p13 microdeletion.

  9. Functional analysis of the orthologous mouse gene.

Xenopus laevis SRY (Sex Determining Region Y)-Box 12 (SOX12) interaction partners

  1. novel protein found to interact with AACAAT and estimated to function as a DNA-binding transcriptional factor during early embryogenesis

Mouse (Murine) SRY (Sex Determining Region Y)-Box 12 (SOX12) interaction partners

  1. These results suggest that TCR-NFAT signaling induces the development of pT reg cells in colitic mice partly through Sox12 induction.

  2. SOXC proteins act cell- and non-cell-autonomously in perichondrocytes and chondrocytes to establish noncanonical WNT signaling crosstalk essential for growth plate induction and control

  3. Study show that the survival of neural and mesenchymal progenitor cells critically relies on the redundantly acting SoxC transcription factors Sox4, Sox11 and Sox12.

  4. Sox4 and Sox11 function redundantly with Sox12 and can compensate its loss during mouse development.

SOX12 Antigen Profile

Antigen Summary

Members of the SOX family of transcription factors are characterized by the presence of a DNA-binding high mobility group (HMG) domain, homologous to the HMG box of sex-determining region Y (SRY). Forming a subgroup of the HMG domain superfamily, SOX proteins have been implicated in cell fate decisions in a diverse range of developmental processes. SOX transcription factors have diverse tissue-specific expression patterns during early development and have been proposed to act as target-specific transcription factors and/or as chromatin structure regulatory elements. The protein encoded by this gene was identified as a SOX family member based on conserved domains, and its expression in various tissues suggests a role in both differentiation and maintenance of several cell types.

Gene names and symbols associated with SOX12

  • SRY-box 12 (SOX12) antibody
  • SRY box 12 (Sox12) antibody
  • SRY-box 12 S homeolog (sox12.S) antibody
  • SRY (sex determining region Y)-box 12 (Sox12) antibody
  • 2010205A02Rik antibody
  • sox-k1 antibody
  • sox-k1-a antibody
  • SOX22 antibody
  • sox33 antibody
  • xSox-33 antibody
  • xSox-K1 antibody
  • xSox33 antibody

Protein level used designations for SOX12

SOX-22 protein , SRY-related HMG-box gene 22 , transcription factor SOX-12 , SRY-box containing gene 12 , Transcription factor Sox-33 , transcription factor Sox-12

6666 Homo sapiens
485820 Canis lupus familiaris
689988 Rattus norvegicus
373574 Xenopus laevis
20667 Mus musculus
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