Info regarding product applications

Info regarding product applications

We aim at listing all relevant information on our product description websites. In case you are uncertain if a product is suitable for your application or how to use an antibody in a certain protocol please contact us. We will make every effort to get the information you require as far as possible. Especially when it comes to ELISA kit we gladly provide you with the original protocols.

Reclamation (what can I do if a product does not work?)

In the rare case that a product does not work as described please contact our customer support:

Our customer support will send you a troubleshooting form that helps us and the manufacturer evaluate the possible pitfalls encountered. We are determined to solve any issue as quickly as possible and will help you with guidance, a substitute product, or refund if the product has been damaged. Please observe that reclamations have to be handed in within 90 days after purchase. Reclamation later than 90 days cannot be accepted.

Is there any money-back guarantee?

After evaluation we will grant a refund if a product does not perform as described on our website due to a product error or production failure.

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