RAD9 Homolog A (S. Pombe) (RAD9A) Peptide

Details for Product No. ABIN369636
Protein Name
  • RAD9
  • Rad9
  • rad9a
  • MGC89062
  • XRad9
  • rad9
  • RAD9 checkpoint clamp component A
  • RAD9 checkpoint clamp component B
  • RAD9 checkpoint clamp component A L homeolog
  • RAD9A
  • Rad9a
  • rad9a
  • rad9b
  • rad9a.L
Human, Mouse (Murine), Dog (Canine)
Method Type
Peptide ELISA
Immunogen (Imm)
Blocked Antibody anti-RAD9A antibody (RAD9 Homolog A (S. Pombe)) (C-Term) (ABIN190894)
Characteristics The peptide was used in the production of ABIN369636 - Goat Anti-RAD9A Antibody. It is currently untested in blocking applications.
Protein Name
Application Notes When peptides are reconstituted in 200ul water, the concentration would be also 0.5mg/ml. To start, the best ratio would be 1:1 (which means molar excess of peptides relative to antibodies when identical volumes are mixed). Please mix equal volumes of peptide and antibody at the required dilution and leave at ambient temperature. Best is to have two identical blots, to be incubated with equal amount of antibodies, but one with the antibodies pre-adsorbed to the peptide for 20min. Then incubate and develop in parallel the two blots.
Restrictions For Research Use only
Format Lyophilized
Storage -20 °C
Storage Comment Shipped at ambient temperature, store at -20°C
Supplier Images
Western Blotting (WB) image for RAD9 Homolog A (S. Pombe) (RAD9A) peptide (ABIN369636) RAD9 Homolog A (S. Pombe) (RAD9A) peptide
ELISA image for RAD9 Homolog A (S. Pombe) (RAD9A) peptide (ABIN369636) RAD9 Homolog A (S. Pombe) (RAD9A) peptide (Image 2)