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Whole cell lysates

Written/Edited by Rene von der Forst, MSE offers whole cell lysates from human, mouse, rat or chicken. These tissue lysates can be used in applications such as SDS-PAGE and Western blotting.

Whole cell lysates can be used as positive controls for applications such as , and . Obtaining high-quality whole cell lysates can be tedious as well as time consuming. antibodies-online offers a comprehensive portfolio of whole cell lysates for research use.

Just browse around the table below to find the right whole cell lysate for your experiment.

Whole Cell Lysate suitable as positive Controls

A20 Human
A431 Human
A431, EGF stimulated Human
A549 Human
C2C12 Mouse
Caco-2 Human
CHO/K1 Hamster
Daudi Human
EL4 Mouse
HEK293 Human
HEK293, insulin stimulated Human
HeLa Human
HeLa, doxorubicin stimulated Human
HeLa, etoposide stimulated Human
HeLa, nocodozole stimulated Human
HeLa, TNFa stimulated Human
Hep2 Human
HepG2 Human
HL60 Human
HT29 Human
Jurkat Human
L1210 Mouse
MCF-7 Human
MDA-MB-435S Human
MOLT4 Human
Mouse embryonic fibroblast Mouse
NIH/3T3 Mouse
NIH/3T3, PDGF stimulated Mouse
Nomal mouse pancreas Mouse
Nomal rat kidney Rat
Normal chicken spinal cord Chicken
Normal mouse brain Mouse
Normal mouse heart Mouse
Normal mouse kidney Mouse
Normal mouse liver Mouse
Normal mouse spleen Mouse
Normal rat brain Rat
Normal rat heart Rat
Normal rat liver Rat
Normal rat pancreas Rat
Normal rat spleen Rat
P815 Mouse
PC3 Human
Raji Human
Ramos Human
RAW 264.7 Human
SK-N-SH Human
SW1353 Human
SW480 Human
T24 Human
THP-1 Human
U2OS Human
U937 Human
WI-38 Human
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