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3110002L15Rik, 4921510P06Rik, 4931428M20Rik, AI467480, c6orf182, CEP57, cep57r, mKIAA0092, MVA2, PIG8, RGD1309884, TSP57, xCep57
list all antibodies Gene Name GeneID UniProt
CEP57 315423 B4F7A7
CEP57 74360 Q8CEE0
CEP57 9702 Q86XR8

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Mouse (Murine) Centrosomal Protein 57kDa (CEP57) interaction partners

  1. Cep57 is essential for cytokinesis via regulation of central spindle assembly and formation of the midbody

  2. Data suggest that translokin acts as a key negative regulator in the pathway that drives nuclear import of cyclin D1 (show CCND1 Antibodies), thus contributing to prevent pRB (show PGR Antibodies) inactivation and to maintain cellular quiescence.

  3. report the identification of four Translokin partners: sorting nexin 6 (show SNX6 Antibodies), Ran-binding protein M (show RANBP9 Antibodies) and the kinesins KIF3A (show KIF3A Antibodies) and KIF3B (show KIF3B Antibodies)

  4. Tsp57 protein plays a role in the postmeiotic phase of germ cell differentiation

  5. Data suggest that Cep57 serves as a link with its N-terminus anchored to the centriole or centromatrix and its C-terminus to microtubules.

Human Centrosomal Protein 57kDa (CEP57) interaction partners

  1. Cep57 is a mitotic kinetochore component that links the function of the KMN (KNL1 (show CASC5 Antibodies)/Mis12 (show MIS12 Antibodies) complex/Ndc80 (show NDC80 Antibodies) complex) network and spindle assembly checkpoint via Mis12 (show MIS12 Antibodies) binding and Mad1 (show MXD1 Antibodies)-Mad2 (show MAD2L1 Antibodies) interaction.

  2. We identified copy number variation (CNV) deletion impacting the exon sequences of CEP57L1 (show CEP57L1 Antibodies), present in the affected mother and her affected daughter

  3. Cep57, Cep63 (show CEP63 Antibodies), and Cep152 (show CEP152 Antibodies) are parts of a ring-like complex localizing around the proximal end of centrioles.

  4. Cep57 is essential for cytokinesis via regulation of central spindle assembly and formation of the midbody

  5. Data suggest for therapeutic targeting of the FGF-2 (show FGF2 Antibodies)/FGFR1 (show FGFR1 Antibodies)/CEP57 axis in prostate cancer.

  6. Cep57 acts as a PCM (show PCMT1 Antibodies) component through binding to NEDD1 (show NEDD1 Antibodies) and is required for spindle microtubule organization and maintenance of spindle pole integrity.

  7. Our findings indicate that these and/or additional functions of CEP57 are crucial for maintaining correct chromosomal number during cell division.

CEP57 Antigen Profile

Antigen Summary

This gene encodes a cytoplasmic protein called Translokin. This protein localizes to the centrosome and has a function in microtubular stabilization. The N-terminal half of this protein is required for its centrosome localization and for its multimerization, and the C-terminal half is required for nucleating, bundling and anchoring microtubules to the centrosomes. This protein specifically interacts with fibroblast growth factor 2 (FGF2), sorting nexin 6, Ran-binding protein M and the kinesins KIF3A and KIF3B, and thus mediates the nuclear translocation and mitogenic activity of the FGF2. It also interacts with cyclin D1 and controls nucleocytoplasmic distribution of the cyclin D1 in quiescent cells. This protein is crucial for maintaining correct chromosomal number during cell division. Mutations in this gene cause mosaic variegated aneuploidy syndrome, a rare autosomal recessive disorder. Multiple alternatively spliced transcript variants encoding different isoforms have been identified.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with CEP57

  • centrosomal protein 57kDa (CEP57) antibody
  • centrosomal protein 57kDa (cep57) antibody
  • centrosomal protein 57kDa (LOC100222419) antibody
  • centrosomal protein 57 (Cep57) antibody
  • 3110002L15Rik antibody
  • 4921510P06Rik antibody
  • 4931428M20Rik antibody
  • AI467480 antibody
  • c6orf182 antibody
  • CEP57 antibody
  • cep57r antibody
  • mKIAA0092 antibody
  • MVA2 antibody
  • PIG8 antibody
  • RGD1309884 antibody
  • TSP57 antibody
  • xCep57 antibody

Protein level used designations for CEP57

translokin , centrosomal protein 57kDa , cep57-related protein , Cep57-related protein , Centrosomal protein of 57 kDa , centrosomal protein of 57 kDa-like , centrosomal protein of 57 kDa , testis-specific protein 57 , FGF2-interacting protein , proliferation-inducing protein 8

418993 Gallus gallus
451497 Pan troglodytes
476766 Canis lupus familiaris
699835 Macaca mulatta
733970 Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis
100222419 Taeniopygia guttata
100405521 Callithrix jacchus
100445490 Pongo abelii
100013109 Monodelphis domestica
100601295 Nomascus leucogenys
315423 Rattus norvegicus
74360 Mus musculus
9702 Homo sapiens
353245 Bos taurus
101102008 Ovis aries
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