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Adipocytes have been studied with increasing intensity as a result of the emergence of obesity as a serious public health problem and the realization that adipose tissue serves as an integrator of various physiological pathways. In particular, their role in calorie storage makes adipocytes well suited to the regulation of energy balance.(1) We differentiate between brown, white and beige adipocytes.

antibodies-online offers an excellent selection of antibodies, kits and tools for the investigation of adipocytes. Below you will find hand-picked, reliable products for some of the important targets.

Markers for beige Adipocytes

The expression of several thermoregulatory genes such as Uncoupling Protein-1 (UCP1), Cell Death-Inducing DFFA-Like Effector A (CIDEA) or Cytochrome C Oxidase Subunit VIIIb (Cox8b) has been employed to evaluate the induction of beige adipocytes in white adipose tissue. In addition, transcripts of several markers (e.g., TBX1, TMEM26, CD137, FGF21, P2RX5, PAT2, CAR4, and CITED1) have been identified that appear to be specific for beige adipocytes.(2)

Markers for brown Adipocytes

Important markers of brown adipocytes include CIDEA, and PRDM16, Zic1, Lhx8, Eva1 and Epsti1.(4)(5)(6) PD-L1 is an activation-independent marker of brown adipocytes.(3) Click on the links to see all available products.

Other relevant Adipocyte Markers

Other relevant markers for adipocytes are listed below. Click on the links to see all available products.


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