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CRD1 Products

(Cone Rod Dystrophy 1 (Autosomal Dominant) (CORD1))
Catalyzes the formation of the isocyclic ring in chlorophyll biosynthesis under oxygen- and copper-deficient conditions. Mediates the cyclase reaction, which results in the formation of divinylprotochlorophyllide (Pchlide) characteristic of all chlorophylls from magnesium-protoporphyrin IX 13-monomethyl ester (MgPMME). stands for high-quality research products. Search, find and order tools with extensive validation data, images, references. Our scientific customer service is always at your disposal if you have any questions about the selection or application of our products.

Recommended CRD1 Antibodies

Cat. No.

Application WB
  • (3)
Cat. No. ABIN108469
Quantity 50 μL
Datasheet Datasheet
Reactivity Arabidopsis thaliana
Application ELISA, WB
Cat. No. ABIN7140514
Quantity 100 μL
Datasheet Datasheet
Reactivity Arabidopsis thaliana
Application ELISA
Cat. No. ABIN7140515
Quantity 100 μL
Datasheet Datasheet

Latest Publications for our CRD1 products

Boldareva-Nuianzina, Bláhová, Sobotka, Koblízek: "Distribution and origin of oxygen-dependent and oxygen-independent forms of Mg-protoporphyrin monomethylester cyclase among phototrophic proteobacteria." in: Applied and environmental microbiology, Vol. 79, Issue 8, pp. 2596-604, (2013) (PubMed).

Hollingshead, Kopecná, Jackson, Canniffe, Davison, Dickman, Sobotka, Hunter: "Conserved chloroplast open-reading frame ycf54 is required for activity of the magnesium protoporphyrin monomethylester oxidative cyclase in Synechocystis PCC 6803." in: The Journal of biological chemistry, Vol. 287, Issue 33, pp. 27823-33, (2012) (PubMed).

Lang, Mueller, Hoernstein, Porankiewicz-Asplund, Vervliet-Scheebaum, Reski: "Simultaneous isolation of pure and intact chloroplasts and mitochondria from moss as the basis for sub-cellular proteomics." in: Plant cell reports, Vol. 30, Issue 2, pp. 205-15, (2011) (PubMed).

Synonyms and alternative names related to CRD1

cone rod dystrophy 1 (autosomal dominant) (CORD1), CORD, CRD1
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