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Our Preferred Exotic ELISA Kit Vendor Program

You are looking for an "exotic" ELISA Kit? With our Preferred Exotic ELISA Kit Vendor, you get the more reliable product for less money. antibodies-online has been providing ELISA kits to scientists and research professionals like you for nearly a decade. As the leading distributor for research reagents, we have collaborated with ELISA kit manufacturers in the US, Asia and Europe to bring assay kits to thousands of researchers around the globe, and we recognize just how complex, nuanced, and confusing the ELISA kit market has become.

Program benefits:

We picked the most reliable Exotic ELISA Kit Vendor based on historic data.
We slashed the price on those Exotic ELISA Kits to allow you to make the best choice easily.
If you look at ELISA Kits where we think a better choice is available, we will let you know.
We don't relabel Exotic Kits - like many others do. We keep it transparent for you - it's your choice!
Everything is covered by our money back guarantee, in case it got a little too exotic.

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ELISA kits generally fall into two categories:

Safe and Steady

  • Target well-known soluble antigens: growth-factors, cytokines, and receptors (e.g. IL-6, TNF, BDNF, p53)

  • Reactive with human samples or common mammalian model species (e.g. Mouse, Rat)

  • Supplier carries extensively validated kits with well documented components

  • Long history of kit use, extensive list of publications, often used in routine or diagnostic experiments

Experimental and Exotic

  • Target novel antigens, less well-known antigens, or recently identified targets.

  • Are reactive against a very broad variety of species, including non-traditional / non-mammalian model organisms

  • Supplier carries a much larger selection of kits against various antigens/species, but less extensively validated

  • Are absolutely necessary for researchers investigating and characterizing novel targets

We carry both categories, and both categories are covered by our money-back guarantee.

Yet sometimes it is not only about money spent but also about time invested. As a researcher, how does one decide which ELISA kit to purchase? If you are studying a recently discovered or relatively uncharacterized target you may be left in the dark. It may be difficult to find a kit with the level of validation data you need, and you may find yourself comparing an innumerable quantity of kits that appear identical for all intents and purposes. Testing them all will cause a considerable delay on your project timeline with no idea about the probability of success up front.

Our Recommendations should save you precious time, as they are more likely to be:


The kit will detect the antigen at physiologically relevant levels in the approved sample types


The kit will detect the antigen in question with high specificity in approved samples


The results will be reproducible, with <12.5% inter- or intra-assay CV. Recovery (for values within the std curve) will be> 90%.


The assay will function reliably with approved sample types, and will not suffer from undue matrix interference.

Preferred Exotic ELISA Kit Vendor 2018: Cloud Clone

antibodies-online is delighted to announce the Preferred Exotic ELISA Kit Vendor 2018: Cloud Clone Corporation (formerly USCN Life Sciences).

We have been distributing kits from Cloud Clone since 2010.

Cloud Clone products are ubiquitously sold across the globe. They are frequently relabeled and sold under a variety of different popular name-brands.

Cloud Clone's approximately 8000 ELISA Kits represent a balance between available validation and broad target coverage.

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Our Preferred Exotic ELISA Kit Vendor Program

It can be difficult to choose an ELISA kit against a novel or exotic target. Learn about our preferred exotic ELISA kit vendor program, and how to choose the best kit when validation data...

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