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How can I create a user account?

If you are not already enjoying our additional services as customer or user you are welcome to register by selecting the Login link in the navigation at the top of the webpage. Simply enter your name and email address and accept the “terms and conditions”. After you have been registered you will find the menu item “My profile” in the navigation bar at the top of the page. After selecting this link you will find many options to choose from only available to registered users.

Which information does need in order for me to become a customer?

All we need are the following infos:
  • Product number of the item(s) you would like to order
  • Ordering address (shipping address)
  • Billing address
  • Contact information (contact person, email address and phone-/fax number)
  • VAT ID if applicable
Please observe that the contact information must be complete in order to allow us to contact you in case there are any changes to the product like changes in availability, price, shipping time and so on.
Please send your orders to:

antibodies-online Inc, 11 Dunwoody Park, Suite 145, Atlanta, GA 30338 (USA) Phone +1 877-302-8632, Fax +1 888 205 9894, E-Mail: »You may order directly online.

What advantage does a user account offer?

A user account offers the following advantages:
  • You can change your billing and shipping address
  • You may manage your newsletter settings
  • You may manage orders, i.e. send in inquiries, or check the order status.
  • Reserve specific production batches of antibodies for later orders
  • Check which items are stored in your shopping basket
In case you have not registered as a user and do not have a customer account please contact customer support for help with the above mentioned information and changes: Phone +1 877-302-8632, E-Mail:

Are any costs involved when I register?

Registration for a customer or user account is completely free of charge for you!

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