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In addition to antibodies-online’s diverse and extensive product portfolio, one of the key features we offer our clients is the efficient “Smart-Search” search function.

Our search algorithms go beyond just simple keyword identification, and help you to find the right antibody, ELISA kit, protein, plasmid, or accessory reagent in mere moments.

Using our smart-search functionality allows you to drill down product type, species reactivity, host species, approved application, data quality, and a number of other factors instantly.

Let’s take a moment go over some of the more relevant features of this easy-to-use, yet powerful tool that will help you save precious time and focus on what’s really important– your research.

The search window

Starting your search is simple, just enter a search term into the search field on our home page.

Most people start their search with the antigen they are trying to detect, but you can also start with application, product category, or species reactivity.

You can even combine search terms to narrow down what you need. For example: “Mouse CD68 antibody for ELISA”

Complete search process - click to see an animation

In-search filtering

As you continue to enter your search terminology into the search bar, a dropdown menu will offer a list of predictive search terms including antigen, application, species, and product type.

Clicking one of the suggested search terms will help you narrow down the specific product that you need as quickly as possible, but you don’t have to use these suggested terms.

After all, you’re the expert!

You can forego the suggested search terms, and search for a product based on your terms, exactly as you’ve written them.

The new autocompletion

Your search results

Submitting your search is easy! Just hit “Enter” or click the search button. Relevant products will show up on the next screen, and will be sorted by data quality (more data is always better).

You’ll notice that, based on the search term you used, some filters may already be checked in the top or side-filter bar, and the list of available products will be restricted to only those products that are relevant based on that filter set. (Step 1)

By clicking the ">>More" on the side-filter you will get more options to chose from added to the top filter.(Step 2)

You can refine further by toggling various filters on-or-off using the top-filter, or side-filter tools (located at the top and the left of the search results page, respectively).(Step 3,4)

Remember that our searches are inclusive, rather than exclusive. Filtering for Western blot and IHC will show you products that are approved for either application, as well as those approved for both (provided that they also match the other filters you’ve applied).

Once you’ve finished filtering, you can share your search results, including all of the relevant filters you’ve chosen by clicking the “share search” link.

Pro-Tip: You can enter ABIN numbers directly in the search bar. Just make sure they always start with ABIN. Alternatively, you can also use the product number of the original supplier for your search.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Selecting a product

Once you’ve applied each of the filters necessary, you’ll see a list of the most relevant products for your application in your search results.

Products in our catalog are automatically sorted by data-quality, making it easy for you to find the most proven, and most effective reagents first.

From your search results, you can click on an image, or on the title of any product to view the product details page. The product details page is a digital datasheet, and a hub for that specific product.

From here you can see all of the technical details about that product, as well as pricing, availability, and lead-time.

From the product details page you can also add a product to your shopping cart, download a PDF copy of the datasheet, or make technical inquiries about the product in question.

Need to reorder a product, reference a product in a publication, or find the same product again? Write down that product’s ABIN number. This number is a unique identifier that will only ever apply to that specific product, and can help you locate it on our site.

Pro-Tip: Sharing your search can help you collaborate with colleagues to find the right product for your experiment.

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Need Help?

The most powerful feature at antibodies-online is our staff. Our expert team of scientific support specialists are here to help you find the right product, purchase it simply, and apply it to get the best possible results.

Look in the bottom-right corner of nearly any page on our site, and you’ll connect with our helpful LiveChat tool. This tool instantly connects you with a real-life scientist based in either Atlanta, GA or Aachen, Germany.

You can also connect with us via email, or make a phone call. We’re always happy to help.

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