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HSV1 ICP0 Products

(Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 ICP0 (HSV1 ICP0)) stands for high-quality research products. Search, find and order tools with extensive validation data, images, references. Our scientific customer service is always at your disposal if you have any questions about the selection or application of our products.

Recommended HSV1 ICP0 Antibodies

Cat. No.
Reactivity Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV)
Application IF, ELISA, WB
  • (14)
  • (4)
Cat. No. ABIN265560
Quantity 100 μg
Datasheet Datasheet
Reactivity Human Herpesvirus 1 (HHV-1)
Application IFA, ELISA, WB
Cat. No. ABIN3027660
Quantity 100 μg
Datasheet Datasheet

Latest Publications for our HSV1 ICP0 products

Rosato, Leib: "Intrinsic innate immunity fails to control herpes simplex and vesicular stomatitis virus replication in sensory neurons and fibroblasts." in: Journal of virology, (2014) (PubMed).

Li, Yamauchi, Kamakura, Murayama, Goshima, Kimura, Nishiyama et al.: "Herpes simplex virus requires poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase activity for efficient replication and induces extracellular signal-related kinase-dependent phosphorylation and ICP0-dependent nuclear ..." in: Journal of virology, Vol. 86, Issue 1, pp. 492-503, (2012) (PubMed).

Kan, Okabayashi, Yokota, Yamamoto, Fujii, Yamashita: "Imiquimod suppresses propagation of herpes simplex virus 1 by upregulation of cystatin A via the adenosine receptor A1 pathway." in: Journal of virology, Vol. 86, Issue 19, pp. 10338-46, (2012) (PubMed).

Daubeuf, Singh, Tan, Liu, Federoff, Bowers, Tolba: "HSV ICP0 recruits USP7 to modulate TLR-mediated innate response." in: Blood, Vol. 113, Issue 14, pp. 3264-75, (2009) (PubMed).

Akkarawongsa, Pocaro, Case, Kolb, Brandt: "Multiple peptides homologous to herpes simplex virus type 1 glycoprotein B inhibit viral infection." in: Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy, Vol. 53, Issue 3, pp. 987-96, (2009) (PubMed).

Johnson, Li, Sandri-Goldin: "The cellular RNA export receptor TAP/NXF1 is required for ICP27-mediated export of herpes simplex virus 1 RNA, but the TREX complex adaptor protein Aly/REF appears to be dispensable." in: Journal of virology, Vol. 83, Issue 13, pp. 6335-46, (2009) (PubMed).

Bowman, Orlando, Davido, Kushnir, Schaffer: "Transient expression of herpes simplex virus type 1 ICP22 represses viral promoter activity and complements the replication of an ICP22 null virus." in: Journal of virology, Vol. 83, Issue 17, pp. 8733-43, (2009) (PubMed).

Shen, Sa e Silva, Jaber, Vitvitskaia, Li, Henderson, Jones: "Two small RNAs encoded within the first 1.5 kilobases of the herpes simplex virus type 1 latency-associated transcript can inhibit productive infection and cooperate to inhibit apoptosis." in: Journal of virology, Vol. 83, Issue 18, pp. 9131-9, (2009) (PubMed).

Li, Johnson, Dai-Ju, Sandri-Goldin: "Hsc70 focus formation at the periphery of HSV-1 transcription sites requires ICP27." in: PLoS ONE, Vol. 3, Issue 1, pp. e1491, (2008) (PubMed).

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