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HSV1 ICP4 Products

(Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 ICP4 (HSV1 ICP4)) stands for high-quality research products. Search, find and order tools with extensive validation data, images, references. Our scientific customer service is always at your disposal if you have any questions about the selection or application of our products.

Recommended HSV1 ICP4 Antibodies

Cat. No.
Reactivity Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV)
Application IF, ELISA, WB
  • (4)
  • (4)
Cat. No. ABIN265556
Quantity 100 μg
Datasheet Datasheet
Reactivity Human Herpesvirus 1 (HHV-1)
Application IFA, ELISA, WB
Cat. No. ABIN3027661
Quantity 100 μg
Datasheet Datasheet

Latest Publications for our HSV1 ICP4 products

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Bolstad, Abaitua, Crump, OHare: "Autocatalytic activity of the ubiquitin-specific protease domain of herpes simplex virus 1 VP1-2." in: Journal of virology, Vol. 85, Issue 17, pp. 8738-51, (2011) (PubMed).

Shen, Sa e Silva, Jaber, Vitvitskaia, Li, Henderson, Jones: "Two small RNAs encoded within the first 1.5 kilobases of the herpes simplex virus type 1 latency-associated transcript can inhibit productive infection and cooperate to inhibit apoptosis." in: Journal of virology, Vol. 83, Issue 18, pp. 9131-9, (2009) (PubMed).

Satoh, Arii, Suenaga, Wang, Kogure, Uehori, Arase, Shiratori, Tanaka, Kawaguchi, Spear, Lanier, Arase: "PILRalpha is a herpes simplex virus-1 entry coreceptor that associates with glycoprotein B." in: Cell, Vol. 132, Issue 6, pp. 935-44, (2008) (PubMed).

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