anti-Immunoglobulin A (IgA) secondary antibodies

plays a role in mucosal immunity and is produced in mucosal linings. Hence can be found in mucous secretions, including tears, saliva, colostrum, secretions from the gastrointestinal tract, and others, but it is found only in small amounts in blood.

There are two isotypes, (90%) and (10%), with being found in serum and produced in bone marrow B cells, and , being secreted into colostrum, maternal milk, tears and saliva. can exist as a monomer or in a dimeric form called secretory (sIgA). The secretory consists of polymers of two monomers linked by additional so-called J-chains and a secretory component that is wrapped around the dimer in order to protect it from proteolytic digestion in the intestinal tract.

The list below contains a selection of anti- antibodies:

anti-Immunoglobulin A
Reactivity Host Unconj. AP Biotin FITC HRP TRITC Texas Red
Human Goat ABIN336538 ABIN336539 ABIN336540 ABIN336541 ABIN336542 ABIN336543 ABIN336544
Human Goat ABIN336545 ABIN336546 ABIN336547 ABIN336548 ABIN336549 ABIN336550 ABIN336551
Human Goat ABIN336552 ABIN336553 ABIN336554 ABIN336555 ABIN336556 ABIN336557 ABIN336558
Human Mouse ABIN135640 ABIN135641 ABIN336543 - ABIN135642 - -
Human Rat ABIN135040 ABIN135042 ABIN135044 ABIN135041 ABIN135043 - -
Chicken Mouse ABIN135557 - ABIN135558 ABIN135559 - - -

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