anti-Immunoglobulin M (IgM) secondary antibodies

() is constructed of five or six units (i.e. mostly as pentamers but also hexamers occur) which are each comprised of two heavy-chains (mu-chains) and two light chains, bound together by disulfide bonds and a so-called J-chain. A J-chain is usually, but not always, found in pentameric but not in the hexameric form. It is not yet clear if pentamers without the J-chain fullfill different functions. Each monomer has two antigen binding sites, hence a pentameric has 10 binding sites. is by far largest antibody in the human circulatory system. In its pentamer form has a molecular mass of approximately 900 kDa.

is present on B cells and its main function apparently is the control of B-cell activation. Interestingly, it is also the primary antibody against A and B antigens on red blood cells and responsible for the blood-clotting reaction during blood-transfusion from wrong donors.

is primarily found in serum and due to its size, it cannot diffuse well, and is found in the interstitium only in very low quantities.

The table below contains a selection of anti- secondary antibodies:
anti-Immunoglobulin M
Reactivity Host Unconj. AP Biotin FITC HRP Texas Red Rhodamine
Human Goat ABIN102624 ABIN102625 ABIN102626 ABIN102627 ABIN102628 ABIN102629 ABIN102630
Human Goat ABIN102640 ABIN102641 ABIN102642 ABIN102644 ABIN102645 ABIN102646 ABIN336547
Mouse Goat ABIN102674 ABIN102675 ABIN102676 ABIN102677 ABIN102678 ABIN102679 ABIN102680
Mouse Rabbit ABIN102682 ABIN102683 ABIN102684 - ABIN102685 ABIN102686 ABIN102687
Rat Rabbit ABIN102711 ABIN102712 ABIN102713 ABIN102714 ABIN102715 ABIN102716 ABIN102717
Chicken Mouse ABIN135557 - ABIN135558 ABIN135559 - - -
Chicken Mouse ABIN135557 - ABIN135558 ABIN135559 - - -

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