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SLC9A4 Antibodies

(Solute Carrier Family 9 (Sodium/hydrogen Exchanger), Member 4 (SLC9A4))

Your search for reliable SLC9A4 antibodies ends here. SLC9A4, known by aliases such as SLC9A4, slc9a4, Slc9a4, is an integral part of our antibody range. Whether you're working with , or other species, our range of SLC9A4 antibodies offer precise detection across diverse samples. These specialized antibodies are tailored for various scientific applications like , providing you with options like polyclonal, recombinant, and monoclonal antibodies, sourced from different host species such as . The efficacy of our antibodies is well-established, demonstrated through multiple methods.

Detailed information, including references, images, and validations by other customers, can be found on each product page. Should you require assistance in finding a specific product, our customer service team is ready to assist. Utilize our SLC9A4 antibodies in your research endeavors for dependable SLC9A4 detection.

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Latest Publications for our SLC9A4 Antibodies

Hadsell, Hadsell, Rijnkels, Carcamo-Bahena, Wei, Williamson, Grusak: "In silico mapping of quantitative trait loci (QTL) regulating the milk ionome in mice identifies a milk iron locus on chromosome 1." in: Mammalian genome : official journal of the International Mammalian Genome Society, Vol. 29, Issue 9-10, pp. 632-655, (2019) (PubMed).

Aliases for SLC9A4 Antibodies

solute carrier family 9 member A4 (SLC9A4) Antibodies
solute carrier family 9 member A4 (slc9a4) Antibodies
solute carrier family 9 (sodium/hydrogen exchanger), member 4 (Slc9a4) Antibodies
solute carrier family 9 member A4 (Slc9a4) Antibodies
AW990558 Antibodies
D730009J23Rik Antibodies
NHE4 Antibodies
Nhe4 Antibodies
SLC9A2 Antibodies
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