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AW553200, mKIAA4126, mSin3A, Sin3
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MSIN3A 20466 Q60520

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Mouse (Murine) MSIN3A interaction partners

  1. Taken together, Fam60a is an essential core subunit of a variant Sin3a (show SIN3A Antibodies)-Hdac (show HDAC3 Antibodies) complex in embryonic stem cells that is required to promote rapid proliferation and prevent unscheduled differentiation.

  2. TGF-beta1 (show TGFB1 Antibodies)-induced inhibition of PPARgamma (show PPARG Antibodies) transcription depends on formation of a functional transcriptional regulatory complex that includes Smad3 (show SMAD3 Antibodies), mSin3A and HDAC1 (show HDAC1 Antibodies) at the PPARgamma (show PPARG Antibodies) promoter.

  3. Sin3a (show SIN3A Antibodies) mRNA is recruited during maturation and that inhibiting its recruitment not only inhibits development beyond the 2-cell stage but also compromises the fidelity of reprogramming gene expression

  4. Report role of myocardial mSin3A/HDAC1 (show HDAC1 Antibodies)/2 complex in mediating the beneficial effects of exercise in diabetic cardiomyopathy.

  5. SIN3A (show SIN3A Antibodies), generally regarded as a transcriptional repressor, is required for induction of gene transcription by the aryl hydrocarbon receptor (show AHR Antibodies).

  6. Treatment with GlcN, in contrast, inhibits LPS (show TLR4 Antibodies)-ind inflammation and decreased LPS (show TLR4 Antibodies)-mediated recruitment of OGT (show OGT Antibodies), mSin3A, and HDACs.

  7. Within the male germline, Sin3a (show SIN3A Antibodies) is required for the mitotic reentry of gonocytes, but is dispensable for the maintenance of differentiating spermatogonia and subsequent spermatogenic processes.

  8. Sin3A (show SIN3A Antibodies)-deleted testes exhibit a Sertoli-cell only phenotype, consistent with the absolute requirement for Sin3A (show SIN3A Antibodies) in germ cells' development and/or viability.

  9. Sin3 has an important role in the regulation of cell cycle kinetics of the myogenic progenitor cell population

  10. ARID4B (show ARID4B Antibodies) physically interacts with the breast cancer metastasis suppressor BRMS1 (show BRMS1 Antibodies), and we detected differential binding of the Arid4b (show ARID4B Antibodies) alleles to mSIN3A and mSDS3 (show SUDS3 Antibodies)

MSIN3A Antigen Profile

Antigen Summary

Acts as a transcriptional repressor. Corepressor for REST. Interacts with MXI1 to repress MYC responsive genes and antagonize MYC oncogenic activities. Also interacts with MXD1-MAX heterodimers to repress transcription by tethering SIN3A to DNA. Acts cooperatively with OGT to repress transcription in parallel with histone deacetylation.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with MSIN3A

  • transcriptional regulator, SIN3A (yeast) (Sin3a) antibody
  • AW553200 antibody
  • mKIAA4126 antibody
  • mSin3A antibody
  • Sin3 antibody

Protein level used designations for anti-MSIN3A (MSIN3A) Antibodies

histone deacetylase complex subunit Sin3a , paired amphipathic helix protein Sin3a , transcriptional corepressor Sin3a , transcriptional regulator, SIN3 yeast homolog A

20466 Mus musculus
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