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CYP27A1 encodes a member of the cytochrome P450 superfamily of enzymes. Additionally we are shipping CYP27A1 Kits (12) and CYP27A1 Proteins (5) and many more products for this protein.

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CYP27A1 1593 Q02318
CYP27A1 301517 P17178
CYP27A1 104086 Q9DBG1
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Human Rabbit Un-conjugated WB WB Suggested Anti-CYP27A1 Antibody Titration: 0.2-1 ug/mlELISA Titer: 1:62500Positive Control: Human brain 100 μL 2 to 3 Days
Human Rabbit Un-conjugated EIA, IF, IHC (p), WB 0.1 mg 6 to 8 Days
Human Rabbit Un-conjugated IC, IF, IHC, WB Immunofluorescent analysis of Cytochrome P450 27A1 staining in HepG2 cells. Formalin-fixed cells were permeabilized with 0.1% Triton X-100 in TBS for 5-10 minutes and blocked with 3% BSA-PBS for 30 minutes at room temperature. Cells were probed with the primary antibody in 3% BSA-PBS and incubated overnight at 4 °C in a humidified chamber. Cells were washed with PBST and incubated with a DyLight 594-conjugated secondary antibody (red) in PBS at room temperature in the dark. DAPI was used to stain the cell nuclei (blue). Immunohistochemical analysis of Cytochrome P450 27A1 staining in human brain formalin fixed paraffin embedded tissue section. The section was pre-treated using heat mediated antigen retrieval with sodium citrate buffer (pH 6.0). The section was then incubated with the antibody at room temperature and detected using an HRP conjugated compact polymer system. DAB was used as the chromogen. The section was then counterstained with haematoxylin and mounted with DPX. 200 μL 13 to 14 Days
Human Rabbit Un-conjugated IHC (p), WB WB Image Sample (30 ug of whole cell lysate) A: A549 7.5% SDS PAGE antibody diluted at 1:1000 IHC-P Image CYP27A1 antibody detects CYP27A1 protein at cytoplasm in human endometrial carcinoma by immunohistochemical analysis. Sample: Paraffin-embedded human endometrial carcinoma. CYP27A1 antibody , diluted at 1:500. 100 μL 3 to 4 Days
Human Rabbit Un-conjugated ELISA, WB Western blot analysis of extracts from HeLa cells, using Cytochrome P450 27A1 Antibody. The lane on the right is treated with the synthesized peptide. 100 μg 2 to 3 Days
Human Rabbit Un-conjugated ELISA, IF, IHC, WB 100 μL Available
Human Rabbit Un-conjugated WB 100 μL 11 to 14 Days
Human Rabbit Un-conjugated ELISA, ICC, IF, WB ABIN6274642 staining HeLa by IF/ICC. The sample were fixed with PFA and permeabilized in 0.1% Triton X-100,then blocked in 10% serum for 45 minutes at 25°C. The primary antibody was diluted at 1/200 and incubated with the sample for 1 hour at 37°C. An Alexa Fluor 594 conjugated goat anti-rabbit IgG (H+L) Ab, diluted at 1/600, was used as the secondary antibody. Western blot analysis of extracts from HeLa cells, using Cytochrome P450 27A1 antibody.The lane on the left is treated with the antigen-specific peptide. 100 μL 11 to 12 Days
Human Rabbit Un-conjugated ELISA, IHC (p), WB   100 μg 4 to 6 Days
Human Rabbit Un-conjugated IF (p), IHC (p), WB Formalin-fixed and paraffin embedded mouse liver tissue labeled with Anti-CYP27A1 Polyclonal Antibody, Unconjugated (ABIN708911) at 1:200 followed by conjugation to the secondary antibody and DAB staining 100 μL 3 to 7 Days

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  1. Human Polyclonal CYP27A1 Primary Antibody for EIA, IF - ABIN272272 : Duan, Fu, Wang, Ni, Zhao: Cholesterol deregulation induced by chronic corticosterone (CORT) stress in pectoralis major of broiler chickens. in Comparative biochemistry and physiology. Part A, Molecular & integrative physiology 2014 (PubMed)
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  2. Human Polyclonal CYP27A1 Primary Antibody for WB - ABIN2784620 : Szlago, Gallus, Schenone, Patiño, Sfaelo, Rufa, Da Pozzo, Cardaioli, Dotti, Federico: The first cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis family from Argentina: a new mutation in CYP27A1 gene. in Neurology 2008 (PubMed)

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Human Cytochrome P450, Family 27, Subfamily A, Polypeptide 1 (CYP27A1) interaction partners

  1. CYP27A1 SNPs are not associated with vitamin D status and multiple sclerosis.

  2. Vitamin D supplementation can decrease circulating 27HC of breast cancer patients, likely by CYP27A1 inhibition. This suggests a new and additional modality by which vitamin D can inhibit ER+ breast cancer growth, though a larger study is needed for verification.

  3. Whole-exome sequencing assuming recessive inheritance determined his genetic diagnosis to be cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis caused by homozygous mutations (c.410G>A or p.Arg137Gln) in the cytochrome P450 subfamily 27 A1 (CYP27A1) gene

  4. Three novel mutations in CYP27A1 were found in cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis patients in Chinese families

  5. Increased maternal and fetal cholesterol efflux capacity and placental CYP27A1 expression in preeclampsia

  6. Molecular study identified a novel homozygous frameshift mutation in CYP27A1 gene in cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis without cataract

  7. Cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis .. is caused by mutations in the CYP27A1 gene that result in decreased production of chenodeoxycholic acid (CDCA) and elevated levels of cholestanol and bile alcohols. Sequencing of CYP27A1 showed a paternally inherited splice mutation, c.446 + 1G>T, and a maternally inherited nonsense mutation, c.808C>T, predicting p.(Arg270*).

  8. we demonstrated the rare missense variant of CYP27A1 is associated with atopic dermatitis with elevated levels of total serum IgE.

  9. The 32 kb deleted region harbors the CYP2A7 gene and was enriched with enhancer, repressor and insulator sites. The wildtype allele was lost in the polyps of the proband

  10. CYP27A1 is a critical cellular cholesterol sensor in prostate cells and that dysregulation of the CYP27A1/27-hydroxycholesterol (27HC) axis contributes significantly to prostate cancer pathogenesis.

  11. CYP27A1 catalyzes hydroxylation of beta-sitosterol and ergosterol

  12. This study suggests a shared genetic etiology between MS and the characterized single-gene disorders, and highlights cholesterol metabolism and the synthesis of oxysterols as important biological mechanisms for familial MS

  13. CYP46A1 is involved in cholestanol removal from the brain and that several factors contribute to the preferential increase in cholestanol in the cerebellum arising from CYP27A1 deficiency.

  14. A significant decrease in the expression level of CYP27A1 in female patients could indicate their greater vulnerability to multiple sclerosis than the male patients.

  15. A novel mutation (c.1183_1184insT) in several members of a Colombian cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis family is responsible for mental retardation, psychiatric disorders, behavioral changes, and multiple domains cognitive impairment with dysexecutive dominance that progressed to early dementia.

  16. CYP27A1 belongs to the mitochondrial CYPs and plays a crucial role in the cholesterol homeostasis.

  17. Analysis of ~60,000 human exomes points to underdiagnosis of cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis due to CYP27A1 mutations.

  18. marinobufagenin is derived from bile acids and its biosynthesis is initiated by CYP27A1 enzyme

  19. The 25-hydroxylases CYP2R1 and CYP27A1 catalyze vitamin D to its circulating form 25-hydroxyvitamin D.

  20. In a patient with cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis, analysis of the CYP27A1 gene identified compound heterozygosity for p.A335V, a novel mutation.

Mouse (Murine) Cytochrome P450, Family 27, Subfamily A, Polypeptide 1 (CYP27A1) interaction partners

  1. In het mice, RIF had no effect on plasma lipids composition, CYP27A1 activity, and atherosclerotic plaque development, despite a reduction in cholesterol absorption. In conclusion, the antiatherogenic effect of Cyp3a11 induction by RIF was also dependent on Cyp27a1 expression.

  2. CYP46A1 is involved in cholestanol removal from the brain and that several factors contribute to the preferential increase in cholestanol in the cerebellum arising from CYP27A1 deficiency.

  3. The cholesterol diet reduced the levels of the "memory protein" Arc (Activity Regulated Cytoskeleton associated protein) in the hippocampus of the wildtype mice but not in the hippocampus of the Cyp27-/- mice.

  4. overexpression of Cyp27a1 in KCs reduces hepatic inflammation independently of 27HC levels in plasma and liver, further pointing towards KCs as specific target for improving the therapy of NASH.

  5. Data indicate that inhibition of CYP27A1 activity or knockdown and deletion of the Cyp27a1 gene induced adipocyte differentiation.

  6. The expression of CYP27A1 modulates the concentrations of active glucocorticoids in both humans and mice and in vitro.

  7. Loss of CYP27A1 led to dysregulation of retinal cholesterol homeostasis, including unexpected upregulation of retinal cholesterol biosynthesis. Cyp27a1-/- mice developed retinal lesions with cholesterol deposition beneath the retinal pigment epithelium.

  8. CYP27(-/-) mice exhibited enhanced CCl(4)-induce liver injury, and defective liver regeneration and prolonged steatosis after 70% partial hepatectomy.

  9. Results are consistent with a concentration-dependent flux of 7alpha-hydroxy-4-cholesten-3-one across the blood-brain barrier in cyp27a1(-/-) mice and subsequent formation of cholestanol.

  10. Increasing 27-hydroxycholesterol concentrations by genetic means alters bone mineral density.

  11. In CYP27A1 ko mice, urinary progesterone concentrations were decreased, 20alpha-DH-progesterone increased, and the progesterone-to-20alpha-DH-progesterone ratio decreased threefold

  12. mice do not have an absolute requirement for 27OHase in order to metabolise 7-ketocholesterol and must rely on alternative side-chain oxidising pathways

  13. both cyp27A genotype and gender affected the regulation of hepatic bile acid, cholesterol, and fatty acid metabolism

  14. Hepatic neutral cytosolic cholesteryl ester hydrolase decreased mRNAs for cholesterol 7alpha-hydroxylase, sterol 27-hydroxylase, and HMG-CoA reductase on day 7 after transfection, coinciding with peak hepatic free cholesterol concentrations

Cow (Bovine) Cytochrome P450, Family 27, Subfamily A, Polypeptide 1 (CYP27A1) interaction partners

  1. isoLG adduction impairs enzyme activity, and support our hypothesis that isoLG modification in the retina is detrimental to CYP27A1 enzyme activity, potentially disrupting cholesterol homeostasis.

  2. Features of the retinal environment which affect the activities and product profile of cholesterol-metabolizing cytochromes P450 CYP27A1 and CYP11A1.

  3. Sterol 27-hydroxylase cytochrome P450 27A1 (CYP27A1) is involved in elimination of 7-ketocholesterol from the retinal pigment epithelium.

CYP27A1 Antigen Profile

Protein Summary

This gene encodes a member of the cytochrome P450 superfamily of enzymes. The cytochrome P450 proteins are monooxygenases which catalyze many reactions involved in drug metabolism and synthesis of cholesterol, steroids and other lipids. This mitochondrial protein oxidizes cholesterol intermediates as part of the bile synthesis pathway. Since the conversion of cholesterol to bile acids is the major route for removing cholesterol from the body, this protein is important for overall cholesterol homeostasis. Mutations in this gene cause cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis, a rare autosomal recessive lipid storage disease.

Gene names and symbols associated with CYP27A1

  • cytochrome P450 family 27 subfamily A member 1 (CYP27A1) antibody
  • cytochrome P450, family 27, subfamily a, polypeptide 1 (Cyp27a1) antibody
  • cytochrome P450, family 27, subfamily A, polypeptide 1 (CYP27A1) antibody
  • sterol 26-hydroxylase, mitochondrial (CYP27A1) antibody
  • cytochrome P450, family 27, subfamily A, polypeptide 1 (cyp27a1) antibody
  • 1300013A03Rik antibody
  • CP27 antibody
  • CTX antibody
  • Cyp27 antibody
  • P450C27 antibody

Protein level used designations for CYP27A1

5-beta-cholestane-3-alpha, 7-alpha, 12-alpha-triol 26-hydroxylase , 5-beta-cholestane-3-alpha, 7-alpha, 12-alpha-triol 27-hydroxylase , 5-beta-cholestane-3-alpha,7-alpha,12-alpha-triol 27-hydroxylase , cholestanetriol 26-monooxygenase , cytochrome P-450C27/25 , cytochrome P450 27 , cytochrome P450, subfamily XXVIIA (steroid 27-hydroxylase, cerebrotendinous xanthomatosis), polypeptide 1 , sterol 26-hydroxylase, mitochondrial , sterol 27-hydroxylase , vitamin D(3) 25-hydroxylase , cytochrome P-450c27/25 , cholesterol 27 hydroxylase , cytochrome P450, 27 , cytochrome P450, 27a1

1593 Homo sapiens
301517 Rattus norvegicus
104086 Mus musculus
610489 Canis lupus familiaris
100126282 Sus scrofa
511960 Bos taurus
100348736 Oryctolagus cuniculus
100381137 Xenopus laevis
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