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FGFR2 Reactivity: Mouse Colorimetric Sandwich ELISA Cell Culture Supernatant, Cell Samples, Plasma, Serum, Tissue Lysate
Catalog No. ABIN6730491
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96 tests
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    FGFR2 (Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor 2 (FGFR2))
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    Detection Method
    Method Type
    Sandwich ELISA
    Mouse FGFR2 ELISA Kit.
    Sample Type
    Cell Culture Supernatant, Cell Samples, Plasma, Serum, Tissue Lysate
    Analytical Method
    This ELISA antibody pair recognizes Mouse FGFR2.
    • Strip plates and additional reagents allow for use in multiple experiments
    • Quantitative protein detection
    • Establishes normal range
    • The best products for confirmation of antibody array data
    • Pre-Coated 96-well Strip Microplate
    • Wash Buffer
    • Stop Solution
    • Assay Diluent(s)
    • Lyophilized Standard
    • Biotinylated Detection Antibody
    • Streptavidin-Conjugated HRP
    • TMB One-Step Substrate
    Material not included
    • Distilled or deionized water
    • Precision pipettes to deliver 2 µl to 1 µl volumes
    • Adjustable 1-25 µl pipettes for reagent preparation
    • 100 µl and 1 liter graduated cylinders
    • Tubes to prepare standard and sample dilutions
    • Absorbent paper
    • Microplate reader capable of measuring absorbance at 450nm
    • Log-log graph paper or computer and software for ELISA data analysis
  • Application Notes
    Optimal working dilution should be determined by the investigator.
    1. Prepare all reagents, samples and standards as instructed in the manual.
    2. Add 100 µl of standard or sample to each well.
    3. Incubate 2.5 h at RT or O/N at 4°C.
    4. Add 100 µl of prepared biotin antibody to each well.
    5. Incubate 1 h at RT.
    6. Add 100 µl of prepared Streptavidin solution to each well.
    7. Incubate 45 min at RT.
    8. Add 100 µl of TMB One-Step Substrate Reagent to each well.
    9. Incubate 30 min at RT.
    10. Add 50 µl of Stop Solution to each well.
    11. Read at 450 nm immediately.
    For Research Use only
  • Storage Comment
    The entire kit may be stored at -20°C for up to 1 year from the date of shipment. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles. The kit may be stored at 4°C for up to 6 months. For extended storage, it is recommended to store at -80°C.
    Expiry Date
    6 months
  • Target See all FGFR2 ELISA Kits
    FGFR2 (Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor 2 (FGFR2))
    Alternative Name
    FGFR2 (FGFR2 Products)
    FGFR2 ELISA Kit, FGFR2IIIb ELISA Kit, bek ELISA Kit, bfr-1 ELISA Kit, cd332 ELISA Kit, cek3 ELISA Kit, cfd1 ELISA Kit, ect1 ELISA Kit, fgfr-2 ELISA Kit, jws ELISA Kit, k-sam ELISA Kit, kgfr ELISA Kit, tk14 ELISA Kit, tk25 ELISA Kit, xfgfr2 ELISA Kit, DKFZp469H1521 ELISA Kit, BBDS ELISA Kit, BEK ELISA Kit, BFR-1 ELISA Kit, CD332 ELISA Kit, CEK3 ELISA Kit, CFD1 ELISA Kit, ECT1 ELISA Kit, JWS ELISA Kit, K-SAM ELISA Kit, KGFR ELISA Kit, TK14 ELISA Kit, TK25 ELISA Kit, AU043015 ELISA Kit, AW556123 ELISA Kit, Bek ELISA Kit, Fgfr-2 ELISA Kit, Fgfr-7 ELISA Kit, Fgfr7 ELISA Kit, KGFRTr ELISA Kit, svs ELISA Kit, FGF-R ELISA Kit, fgfr72IIIb ELISA Kit, FGFR ELISA Kit, fc56c05 ELISA Kit, wu:fc56c05 ELISA Kit, fibroblast growth factor receptor 2 ELISA Kit, fibroblast growth factor receptor 2 L homeolog ELISA Kit, FGFR2 ELISA Kit, LOC100084641 ELISA Kit, fgfr2 ELISA Kit, Fgfr2 ELISA Kit, fgfr2.L ELISA Kit
    RTK Signaling, Fc-epsilon Receptor Signaling Pathway, EGFR Signaling Pathway, Neurotrophin Signaling Pathway, Regulation of Muscle Cell Differentiation, Skeletal Muscle Fiber Development, Growth Factor Binding
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