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Cytokeratin 8/18 Products

(Cytokeratin 8/18) stands for high-quality research products. Search, find and order tools with extensive validation data, images, references. Our scientific customer service is always at your disposal if you have any questions about the selection or application of our products.

Recommended Cytokeratin 8/18 Antibodies

Cat. No.
Reactivity Cow
Application IHC (fro), IHC (p), ELISA, WB
  • (18)
Cat. No. ABIN285686
Quantity 100 μL
Datasheet Datasheet
Reactivity Human
Application FACS, IF, IHC (p), WB
  • (2)
Cat. No. ABIN3024667
Quantity 100 μg
Datasheet Datasheet
Reactivity Human
Application FACS, IF, IHC, StM, WB
  • (1)
Cat. No. ABIN6941377
Quantity 100 μg
Datasheet Datasheet

Latest Publications for our Cytokeratin 8/18 products

Ruetten, Cole, Wehber, Wegner, Girardi, Peterson, Scharpf, Romero, Wood, Colopy, Bjorling, Vezina: "An immunohistochemical prostate cell identification key indicates that aging shifts procollagen 1A1 production from myofibroblasts to fibroblasts in dogs prone to prostate-related urinary dysfunction." in: PLoS ONE, Vol. 15, Issue 7, pp. e0232564, (2020) (PubMed).

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Pfefferle, Darr, Calhoun, Mott, Rosen, Perou: "The MMTV-Wnt1 murine model produces two phenotypically distinct subtypes of mammary tumors with unique therapeutic responses to an EGFR inhibitor." in: Disease models & mechanisms, Vol. 12, Issue 7, (2020) (PubMed).

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Hirukawa, Smith, Zuo, Dufour, Savage, Bertos, Johnson, Bui, Bourque, Basik, Giguère, Park, Muller: "Targeting EZH2 reactivates a breast cancer subtype-specific anti-metastatic transcriptional program." in: Nature communications, Vol. 9, Issue 1, pp. 2547, (2018) (PubMed).

Farrell, Joly, Allen-Petersen, Worth, Lanciault, Sauer, Link, Pelz, Heiser, Morton, Muthalagu, Hoffman, Manning, Pratt, Kendsersky, Egbukichi, Amery, Thoma, Jenny, Rhim, Murphy, Sansom, Crawford et al.: "MYC regulates ductal-neuroendocrine lineage plasticity in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma associated with poor outcome and chemoresistance. ..." in: Nature communications, Vol. 8, Issue 1, pp. 1728, (2018) (PubMed).

Mekhdjian, Kai, Rubashkin, Prahl, Przybyla, McGregor, Bell, Barnes, DuFort, Ou, Chang, Cassereau, Tan, Pickup, Lakins, Ye, Davidson, Lammerding, Odde, Dunn, Weaver: "Integrin-mediated traction force enhances paxillin molecular associations and adhesion dynamics that increase the invasiveness of tumor cells into a three-dimensional extracellular matrix." in: Molecular biology of the cell, Vol. 28, Issue 11, pp. 1467-1488, (2017) (PubMed).

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Britschgi, Duss, Kim, Couto, Brinkhaus, Koren, De Silva, Mertz, Kaup, Varga, Voshol, Vissieres, Leroy, Roloff, Stadler, Scheel, Miraglia, Orth, Bonamy, Reddy, Bentires-Alj: "The Hippo kinases LATS1 and 2 control human breast cell fate via crosstalk with ERα." in: Nature, Vol. 541, Issue 7638, pp. 541-545, (2017) (PubMed).

Busch, Bauer, Wardelmann, Rudack, Grünewald, Stenner: "Prognostic relevance of epithelial-mesenchymal transition and proliferation in surgically treated primary parotid gland cancer." in: Journal of clinical pathology, (2016) (PubMed).

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