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Solute Carrier Family 26 (Sulfate Transporter), Member 7 Proteins (SLC26A7)
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DKFZp469J151, SUT2
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SLC26A7 115111 Q8TE54
Rat SLC26A7 SLC26A7 297910  
SLC26A7 208890 Q8R2Z3

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Human Solute Carrier Family 26 (Sulfate Transporter), Member 7 (SLC26A7) interaction partners

  1. the molecular cloning from human HEVEC of a 2.9-kb cDNA encoding SLC26A7, a novel member of the SLC26 (solute carrier (show SERTAD2 Proteins) 26) sulfate/anion exchanger family

  2. In human kidney SLC26A6 (show SLC26A6 Proteins) and A7 have a distinct, partially overlapping expression in distal segments of nephrons. The distribution partly differs from that found previously in rodent kidneys.

  3. The trafficking to the cell surface suggests novel functional upregulation of SLC26A7 in states that are associated with hypokalemia or increased medullary tonicity.

Mouse (Murine) Solute Carrier Family 26 (Sulfate Transporter), Member 7 (SLC26A7) interaction partners

  1. Slc26a1, Slc26a6 (show SLC26A6 Proteins) and Slc26a7 are novel participants in the extracellular transport of bicarbonate during enamel maturation.

  2. Slc26a7 chloride channel (show CLCA1 Proteins) activity and localization in mouse Reissner's membrane epithelium

  3. SLC26A7 is a basolateral Cl(-)/HCO(3)(-) exchanger in gastric parietal cells and possibly plays a major role in gastric acid secretion

  4. findings reveal that SLC26A7 functions as a unique Cl(-) channel that is regulated by intracellular H(+)

  5. Slc26a7 is expressed in the proximal tubule and thick ascending limb of the loop of Henle, and it may therefore contribute to anion transport in these nephron segments

  6. CAII (show CA2 Proteins) deficiency results in a significant decrease in the gene and protein expression of bicarbonate transport proteins from Slc26 gene family - Slc26a4 (pendrin (show SLC26A4 Proteins)) and Slc26a7.

  7. Suggest that the increase in Slc26a7 expression caused by deletion of AE1 (show SLC4A1 Proteins) represents an adaptive response, indicating that Slc26a7 contributes to the regulation of acid-base balance by the kidney.

  8. SLC26A7 dysfunction should be investigated as a potential cause of unexplained distal renal tubular acidosis

SLC26A7 Protein Profile

Protein Summary

This gene is one member of a family of sulfate/anion transporter genes. Family members are well conserved in their genomic (number and size of exons) and protein (aa length among species) structures yet have markedly different tissue expression patterns. This gene has abundant and specific expression in the kidney. Splice variants that use both alternate transcription initiation and polyadenylation sites have been described for this gene.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with SLC26A7

  • solute carrier family 26, member 7 (SLC26A7)
  • solute carrier family 26 (anion exchanger), member 7 (SLC26A7)
  • solute carrier family 26 (anion exchanger), member 7 (Slc26a7)
  • solute carrier family 26, member 7 (Slc26a7)
  • DKFZp469J151 protein
  • SUT2 protein

Protein level used designations for SLC26A7

solute carrier family 26, member 7 , anion exchange transporter , Anion exchange transporter , solute carrier family 26 member 7 , anion exchange transporter-like , sulfate anion transporter , anion exchanger Slc26a7

428369 Gallus gallus
464283 Pan troglodytes
487043 Canis lupus familiaris
617196 Bos taurus
696567 Macaca mulatta
100029542 Monodelphis domestica
100050710 Equus caballus
100172628 Pongo abelii
100408480 Callithrix jacchus
100478469 Ailuropoda melanoleuca
115111 Homo sapiens
297910 Rattus norvegicus
208890 Mus musculus
100008891 Oryctolagus cuniculus
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