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AA959598, Agl, An, an-1, APRO1, BTG2, Pc3, Tis21, XBtg2
list all proteins Gene Name GeneID UniProt
BTG2 12227 Q04211
BTG2 7832 P78543
BTG2 29619 P27049

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Mouse (Murine) BTG Family, Member 2 (BTG2) interaction partners

  1. Results identify a key molecular mechanism by which the BTG2-PRMT1 (show PRMT1 Proteins) module regulates pre-B cell differentiation and inhibits pre-B cell leukemogenesis.

  2. Results suggest that Btg2 is an anti-adipogenic factor and its expression is controlled by the Stat3 (show STAT3 Proteins) signaling pathway.

  3. these data show that both Btg1 (show BTG1 Proteins) and Btg2 are required for normal vertebral patterning of the axial skeleton, but each gene contributes differently in specifying the identity along the anterior-posterior axis of the skeleton.

  4. Btg2 overexpression in vivo and in vitro induced all the observed changes during interdigit regression, including oxidative stress, arrest of cell cycle progression, transcriptional regulation of senescence markers, and caspase (show CASP3 Proteins)-mediated apoptosis.

  5. study provides a novel molecular mechanism of BTG2-mediated induction of hepcidin (show HAMP Proteins) gene expression, thereby contributing to a better understanding of the hepatic hepcidin (show HAMP Proteins) production involved in iron homeostasis

  6. TIS21 is required for development of spiral ganglion cells

  7. we show that the putative tumor suppressor gene Btg2 is consistently downregulated in high grade gliomas and that its downregulation is necessary for a cell to maintain the malignant phenotype.

  8. Mice lacking the Tis21 3' UTR develop a microcephalic neocortex with fewer neurons.

  9. BTG2 regulates hepatic glucose homeostasis via induction of orphan nuclear receptor (show NR1D1 Proteins) Nur77 (show NR4A1 Proteins) in diabetic mouse model.

  10. pro-apoptotic pathway of CRP (show CRP Proteins)-CD32 (show FCGR2B Proteins)-Nox2 (show CYBB Proteins)-p53 (show TP53 Proteins)-BTG2 may contribute to the retardation of the atherogenic process

Human BTG Family, Member 2 (BTG2) interaction partners

  1. Data indicate that BTG2, MAP3K11 (show MAP3K11 Proteins), RPS6KA1 (show RPS6KA1 Proteins) and PRDM1 (show PRDM1 Proteins) as putative targets of microRNA miR (show MLXIP Proteins)-125b.

  2. The results indicated that BTG2 expression was downregulated in skin cancer cell lines. Overexpression of BTG2 significantly inhibited cell proliferation, cell cycle progression, and the invasion and migration of skin cancer cells.

  3. Overexpression of BTG2 inhibited the proliferation and migration/invasion of human osteosarcoma cells in vitro

  4. clinical data support conclusions generated from patient-derived xenograft models and indicate that BTG2 expression is a candidate prognostic biomarker for TNBC.

  5. miR (show MLXIP Proteins)-21 was found to be overexpressed and BTG2 was found to to be downregulated in HepG2 liver cancer cells.

  6. BTG2 stimulates mRNA deadenylation via CAF1 (show CHAF1B Proteins) activation through interaction with PABPC1 (show PABPC1 Proteins). Interaction of BTG2 with the first RRM domain of PABPC1 (show PABPC1 Proteins) is required for BTG2 to control cell proliferation.

  7. SETD1A suppresses BTG2 expression through its induction of several BTG2-targeting miRNAs.

  8. Results indicate that miR27a and BTG2 promote the migration and the growth of glioblastoma (GBM) cells and miR27a directly targets BTG2 in GBM cells.

  9. Our results indicated that cisplatin attenuates prostate cancer cell proliferation partly mediated by upregulation of BTG2 through the p53-dependent pathway or p53-independent NFkappaB pathway.

  10. In this review, we summarize the latest findings in BTG2 studies, highlighting the mechanisms for the regulatory effects of microRNAs (miRNAs) on BTG2 gene expression in the most common human cancers.

Pig (Porcine) BTG Family, Member 2 (BTG2) interaction partners

  1. The full length sequences of cDNA and genomic DNA of BTG2 gene from the porcine skeletal muscle, was cloned.

BTG2 Protein Profile

Protein Summary

The protein encoded by this gene is a member of the BTG/Tob family. This family has structurally related proteins that appear to have antiproliferative properties. This encoded protein is involved in the regulation of the G1/S transition of the cell cycle.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with BTG2

  • BTG family, member 2 (btg2)
  • BTG family, member 2 (BTG2)
  • B cell translocation gene 2, anti-proliferative (Btg2)
  • BTG family, member 2 (Btg2)
  • AA959598 protein
  • Agl protein
  • An protein
  • an-1 protein
  • APRO1 protein
  • BTG2 protein
  • Pc3 protein
  • Tis21 protein
  • XBtg2 protein

Protein level used designations for BTG Family, Member 2 Proteins (BTG2)

B-cell translocation gene 2, anti-proliferative , BTG family, member 2 , protein BTG2 , B-cell translocation gene 2 , B cell translocation protein 2 , BTG family member 2 , NGF-inducible protein TIS21 , NGF-inducible anti-proliferative protein PC3 , nerve growth factor-inducible anti-proliferative , pheochromacytoma cell-3 , B-cell translocation protein 2 , Early induced gene B-cell translocation gene 2 , NGF-inducible anti-proliferative putative secreted protein , cell surface alloantigen

496422 Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis
539364 Bos taurus
703168 Macaca mulatta
419932 Gallus gallus
740912 Pan troglodytes
100620047 Ovis aries
12227 Mus musculus
7832 Homo sapiens
488559 Canis lupus familiaris
100048932 Sus scrofa
29619 Rattus norvegicus
100727139 Cavia porcellus
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