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anti-Xin Actin-Binding Repeat Containing 2 Antibodies (XIRP2)
On are 7 Xin Actin-Binding Repeat Containing 2 (XIRP2) Antibodies from 5 different suppliers available. A total of 8 XIRP2 products are currently listed.
2310003D02Rik, 2310008C07Rik, A530024P18Rik, AI452089, Cmya3, Gm352, LACS, sb:cb1045, wu:fc12g12, Xin2, xirp2
list all antibodies Gene Name GeneID UniProt
XIRP2 129446 A4UGR9
XIRP2 241431 Q4U4S6
Anti-Rat XIRP2 XIRP2 311098 Q71LX6

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Horse (Equine) Xin Actin-Binding Repeat Containing 2 (XIRP2) interaction partners

  1. homozygous (A/A or T/T) and heterozygous horses were at a 1.3- to 2.4-fold higher risk for fetlock and hock osteochondrosis results suggest that dominant variants of XIRP2 may be involved in pathogenesis of equine osteochondrosis

Human Xin Actin-Binding Repeat Containing 2 (XIRP2) interaction partners

  1. A genome-wide association study reveals 2 new susceptibility loci for atopic dermatitis, XIRP2 and DMRTA1 (show DMRTA1 Antibodies).

  2. Xin and XIRP2 define a novel actin-binding motif

Mouse (Murine) Xin Actin-Binding Repeat Containing 2 (XIRP2) interaction partners

  1. XIRP2 is required for maintenance of stereocilia integrity.

  2. XIRP2 is required for long-term maintenance of hair cell stereocilia, and its dysfunction causes hearing loss.

  3. Data show that mXinbeta (CMYA3/XIRP2) but not mXinalpha ((CMYA1/XIRP1 (show XIRP1 Antibodies)) was uniquely up-regulated during the redistribution of intercellular junction from the lateral membrane of cardiomyocytes to their termini.

  4. Deletion of mXin{beta} (Xirp2) leads to severe defects in postnatal cardiac development and lethality. mXin{beta} may play an essential role in N-Cadherin (show CDH2 Antibodies)-mediated adhesion signaling and its cross talk signaling in the heart.

  5. Reveal a novel MEF2A (show MEF2A Antibodies)-Xirp2 pathway that functions downstream of Ang II (show AGT Antibodies) signaling to modulate its pathological effects in the heart.

  6. upregulation due to Ang II (show AGT Antibodies)-induced myocardial damage and not to blood pressure elevation per se

  7. Myomaxin functions directly downstream of MEF2A (show MEF2A Antibodies) at the peripheral Z-disc complex in striated (show NSDHL Antibodies) muscle potentially playing a role in regulating cytoarchitectural integrity

XIRP2 Antigen Profile

Antigen Summary

Protects actin filaments from depolymerization.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with XIRP2

  • xin actin-binding repeat containing 2 (XIRP2) antibody
  • xin actin-binding repeat containing 2a (xirp2a) antibody
  • xin actin-binding repeat containing 2 (LOC100227540) antibody
  • xin actin-binding repeat containing 2 (Xirp2) antibody
  • 2310003D02Rik antibody
  • 2310008C07Rik antibody
  • A530024P18Rik antibody
  • AI452089 antibody
  • Cmya3 antibody
  • Gm352 antibody
  • LACS antibody
  • sb:cb1045 antibody
  • wu:fc12g12 antibody
  • Xin2 antibody
  • xirp2 antibody

Protein level used designations for XIRP2

xin actin-binding repeat-containing protein 2 , cardiomyopathy associated 3 , xin actin-binding repeat containing 2 , Xin beta6 , epithelial protein lost in neoplasm , beta-xin , cardiomyopathy-associated protein 3 , myomaxin , xeplin , xin repeat protein 2 , mXinbeta , myogenic MEF2-activated Xin-related protein , xin-beta , L-NAME induced actin cytoskeletal protein , L-NAME-induced actin cytoskeletal protein

397689 Sus scrofa
459707 Pan troglodytes
478778 Canis lupus familiaris
506090 Bos taurus
559746 Danio rerio
100052180 Equus caballus
100227540 Taeniopygia guttata
100357577 Oryctolagus cuniculus
129446 Homo sapiens
241431 Mus musculus
311098 Rattus norvegicus
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