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FKHL-13, FKHL13, foxJ, foxJ1, Hfh-4, Hfh4
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FOXJ1 2302 Q92949
FOXJ1 15223 Q61660
FOXJ1 116557 Q63247

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Human Forkhead Box J1 (FOXJ1) interaction partners

  1. Findings demonstrate that increased FOXJ1 contributes to the progression of CRC, which might be associated with the promotion effect of b-catenin nuclear translocation.

  2. In ependymomas and choroid plexus tumours, reduced expression of FOXJ1 and its ciliogenesis programme are markers of poor outcome

  3. Decreased FOXJ1 expression was correlated with clinic stage, lymph node metastasis, and distant metastasis, and lower FOXJ1 expression independently predicted shorter survival time in gastric carcinoma.

  4. Both protein and mRNA levels of ciliogenesis-associated markers CP110, Foxj1, TAp73 (show TP73 ELISA Kits) were significantly increased in patients with nasal polyps versus those seen in control subjects and were positively correlated with cilia length

  5. By stimulating ciliogenesis with the transcription factor FOXJ1, it may be possible to maintain close to normal cilia length despite the stress of cigarette smoking.

  6. Nanog (show NANOG ELISA Kits)-mediated cell migration and invasion involved its regulation of E-cadherin (show CDH1 ELISA Kits) and FOXJ1.

  7. FOXJ1 is an important regulator of cilia gene expression during ciliated cell differentiation, with RFX3 (show RFX3 ELISA Kits) as a transcriptional co-activator to FOXJ1.

  8. FOXJ1 was overexpressed in HCCs (show HCCS ELISA Kits) and associated with histological grade and poor prognosis.

  9. Rer1p depletion reduced ciliary length and function by increasing gamma-secretase complex assembly and activity and, consequently, enhancing Notch (show NOTCH1 ELISA Kits) signaling as well as reducing Foxj1a expression.

  10. goblet cells formed in response to IL-13 (show IL13 ELISA Kits) treatment are in part or wholly derived from progenitors that express the ciliated cell marker, FOXJ1

Mouse (Murine) Forkhead Box J1 (FOXJ1) interaction partners

  1. genome-wide expression profiles of undifferentiated E14.5 vs. abundantly ciliated E18.5 micro-dissected airway epithelia as well as Foxj1(+) vs. Foxj1-deficient foetal (E16.5) lungs of the mouse were compared using microarray hybridisation.

  2. p73 (show ARHGAP24 ELISA Kits) drives multiciliogenesis, both through transcriptional activation of a master ciliogenesis transcription factor FoxJ1 and through regulation of multiple genes central to ciliogenesis.

  3. MYB (show MYB ELISA Kits) has an early, crucial and conserved role in multiciliogenesis, and it promotes a novel S-like phase in which centriole amplification occurs uncoupled from DNA synthesis, and then drives later steps of multiciliogenesis through induction of Foxj1.

  4. noto and foxj1 have roles in node formation, nodal ciliogenesis and cilia positioning

  5. we found that Ank3 (show ANK3 ELISA Kits) expression is controlled by Foxj1, a transcriptional regulator of multicilia formation.

  6. Dlx2 and FoxJ1 physically interact and synergistically regulate the Dlx2, FoxJ1, and amelogenin (show AMELX ELISA Kits) promoters

  7. Data show that floor plate identity and ciliogenesis are unaffected in mouse embryos lacking Foxj1 and we provide evidence that additional transcription factors expressed in the floor plate share overlapping functions with Foxj1.

  8. foxj1 functions in late-stage ciliogenesis to regulate programs promoting basal body docking and axoneme formation in cells previously committed to the ciliated cell phenotype.

  9. role in the regulation of T cell activation and autoreactivity; Foxj1 likely modulates inflammatory reactions and prevents autoimmunity by antagonizing proinflammatory transcriptional activities

  10. Foxj1 regulates basal body anchoring to the cytoskeleton of ciliated pulmonary epithelial cells.

FOXJ1 Antigen Profile

Antigen Summary

This gene encodes a member of the forkhead family of transcription factors. Similar genes in zebrafish and mouse have been shown to regulate the transcription of genes that control the production of motile cilia. The mouse ortholog also functions in the determination of left-right asymmetry. Polymorphisms in this gene are associated with systemic lupus erythematosus and allergic rhinitis.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with FOXJ1

  • forkhead transcription factor J1 (FoxJ1) Elisa Kit
  • forkhead box J1 (FOXJ1) Elisa Kit
  • forkhead box J1 (LOC100301616) Elisa Kit
  • forkhead box J1 (foxJ1) Elisa Kit
  • forkhead box J1 (Foxj1) Elisa Kit
  • FKHL-13 Elisa Kit
  • FKHL13 Elisa Kit
  • foxJ Elisa Kit
  • foxJ1 Elisa Kit
  • Hfh-4 Elisa Kit
  • Hfh4 Elisa Kit

Protein level used designations for Forkhead Box J1 (FOXJ1) ELISA Kits

forkhead transcription factor J1 , forkhead box J1 , forkhead box protein J1-like , forkhead box J protein , fork head homologue 4 , forkhead box protein J1 , forkhead transcription factor HFH-4 , forkhead-like 13 , forkhead-related protein FKHL13 , hepatocyte nuclear factor 3 forkhead homolog 4 , HNF-3/forkhead homolog 4

581613 Strongylocentrotus purpuratus
706275 Macaca mulatta
100022259 Monodelphis domestica
100461322 Pongo abelii
100473531 Ailuropoda melanoleuca
100623071 Sus scrofa
454899 Pan troglodytes
770009 Gallus gallus
100301616 Oryzias latipes
100303471 Saccoglossus kowalevskii
2302 Homo sapiens
475917 Canis lupus familiaris
505891 Bos taurus
15223 Mus musculus
116557 Rattus norvegicus
100008873 Oryctolagus cuniculus
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