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anti-Immunoglobulin G (IgG) secondary antibodies

Written/Edited by Julian Pampel, BSc

Each is composed of four peptide chains - two class γ heavy chains of about 50 kDa and two light chains of about 25 kDa - with two antigen binding sites. Hence, IgG antibodies are large molecules of about 150 kDa. The two heavy chains are linked to each other and to a light chain each by disulfide bonds. The resulting tetramer has two identical halves which together form the Y-like shape.

Composition of IgG

anti-Immunoglobulin G (IgG)  antibody

There are four IgG subclasses (abbreviated simply as IgG1, 2, 3 and 4) in humans, named in order of their abundance in serum ( being the most abundant). A cleavage reaction using papain can result in Fc and Fab fragments and a Fc fragment. Proteolytic enzyme pepsin cleaves below the hinge region, forming a F(ab')2- and a pFc' fragment. The F(ab')2 fragment can be split further into two Fab' fragments by reduction.

Functions of IgG

antibodies are involved in the secondary immune response (IgM is the main antibody involved in primary response). IgG can bind pathogens, like for example viruses, bacteria, and fungi, and thereby protects the body against infection and toxins. Comprising up to 80% of the antibodies found in the human body, IgG is the smallest, yet most abundant human antibody, and that of other mammals. can be found in all bodily fluids, and is the only antibody that can protect a foetus by passing through the mother's placenta.

For research is one of the predominant tools due to its versatile application possibilities. It can be produced utilizing donkeys, mice, rats, rabbits, chicken and goats. The lists below contains a large variety of host and specificity combinations for heavy and light chain (H/L) antibodies as well as for their fragments Fc and F(ab).

Anti-Immunoglobulin G (heavy- and light-chain specific)

Reactivity Host Unconj. AP Biotin FITC HRP PE Others
Goat Chicken ABIN336391 ABIN336392 ABIN336400 ABIN336394 ABIN336395 - ABIN336396
Mouse Chicken ABIN336405 ABIN336406 ABIN101688 ABIN336408 ABIN336409 - ABIN336410
Rabbit Chicken ABIN336419 ABIN336420 ABIN336421 ABIN336422 ABIN336423 - ABIN336424
Rat Chicken ABIN336433 ABIN336434 ABIN336435 ABIN336436 ABIN336437 - ABIN336445
Goat Donkey ABIN336447 ABIN336448 ABIN336449 ABIN336450 ABIN336451 ABIN964943 ABIN336452
Mouse Donkey ABIN336461 ABIN336462 ABIN336463 ABIN336464 ABIN336465 ABIN2669889 ABIN336466
Rabbit Donkey ABIN336475 ABIN336476 ABIN336477 ABIN336478 ABIN336479 ABIN2669891 ABIN336480
Rat Donkey ABIN336489 ABIN336490 ABIN336491 ABIN336492 ABIN336493 ABIN376553 ABIN336494
Sheep Donkey ABIN336503 ABIN336504 ABIN336505 ABIN336506 ABIN336507 - ABIN336508
Chicken Goat - ABIN336518 ABIN336519 ABIN336520 ABIN336521 - ABIN336522
Guinn. Pig Goat ABIN336524 ABIN336525 ABIN336526 ABIN336528 - ABIN336529
Human Goat ABIN336566 ABIN336567 ABIN336568 - ABIN336570 ABIN6198759 ABIN336571
Mouse Goat ABIN336664 ABIN336665 ABIN336666 - ABIN336668 ABIN129745 ABIN336669
Rabbit Goat - ABIN336728 ABIN336729 ABIN101988 ABIN336731 ABIN2669871 ABIN336732
Rat Goat ABIN336770 ABIN336771 - ABIN336773 ABIN336774 ABIN336776 -
Goat Rabbit - ABIN336798 ABIN336799 ABIN336800 ABIN336801 ABIN2669871 ABIN336802
Goat Rabbit ABIN336825 ABIN336826 ABIN336827 - ABIN336829 - ABIN336830
Hum. IgG1 Mouse ABIN135622 ABIN135624 ABIN135626 ABIN135623 ABIN135625 - ABIN135627

anti-Immunoglobulin G (Fc-part specific)

Reactivity Host Unconj. AP Biotin FITC HRP PE Others
Human Mouse ABIN135618 ABIN135619 ABIN135621 ABIN376206 ABIN135620 ABIN376567 ABIN457884
Goat Rabbit ABIN336811 ABIN101250 ABIN336813 - ABIN336815 - ABIN336823
Rabbit Goat ABIN336762 ABIN336763 ABIN336764 ABIN102070 ABIN336766 - ABIN3045896
Mouse Goat ABIN336692 ABIN336693 ABIN336694 - ABIN336696 - ABIN336697
Human Goat ABIN336594 ABIN336595 ABIN336596 - ABIN336598 ABIN376510 ABIN336600
Human Goat ABIN336601 ABIN336602 ABIN336603 ABIN336604 ABIN336605 ABIN5707280 ABIN336606
Human Goat ABIN336608 ABIN336609 ABIN336610 - ABIN336612 - ABIN336613
Hum. IgG2 Mouse ABIN135628 ABIN135637 ABIN135631 - ABIN135630 ABIN376567 ABIN135629
Hum. IgG2 Mouse ABIN135622 ABIN135624 ABIN135626 ABIN135623 ABIN135625 - ABIN135627
Hum. IgG2 Mouse ABIN135632 ABIN135633 ABIN135635 - ABIN135634 - -
Hum. IgG4 Mouse ABIN135656 ABIN135657 ABIN135659 ABIN3762119 ABIN135658 ABIN135657 ABIN457904
Hum. IgG4 Mouse ABIN135660 ABIN135661 ABIN135663 - ABIN135662 ABIN376574 -

anti-Immunoglobulin G (hinge-part specific)

Reactivity Host Unconj. AP Biotin FITC HRP PE Others
Human Mouse ABIN135664 ABIN135665 ABIN135621 - ABIN135666 ABIN376575 ABIN376213

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