Transmembrane Protein Extraction Reagent

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Protein Extraction (PEx)
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Characteristics The Transmembrane Protein Extraction Reagent is a cell lysis-protein extraction buffer with proprietary ingredients assisting in the extraction and isolation of high molecular weight multiple-membrane spanning proteins that are otherwise poorly resolvable in standard cell lysis buffers due to aggregation tendency, lipid raft association or other insolubility issues. The Transmembrane Protein Extraction Reagent is designed to extract proteins with 4 or more transmembrane domains, yet will also effectively resolve less complex transmembrane proteins. The transmembrane protein extraction reagent is applicable to transmembrane proteins that do not appreciably solubilize or resolve with RIPA buffer.
Assay Procedure

The researcher first employs techniques described in the protocol manual to limit endocytosis and lysosomal targeting that may result in proteolytic cleavage of cytoplasmic domains of multi-membrane spanning proteins. In the second step, the Transmembrane Protein Extraction Reagent is added to dislodge cells from the cell culture dish and then to dissolve the cell membrane. Following membrane dissolution, brief centrifugation is used to remove cellular debris from a supernatant fraction that contains the extracted transmembrane proteins. The supernatant is added to Laemmli Sample Buffer, which is heated, but not boiled, prior to the resolution in SDS-PAGE gels. For Western blots, transfer takes place in a transfer buffer with added SDS and reduced amounts of methanol. The transfer is allowed to proceed approximately 25% longer than typically employed in Western blotting protocols.An easy to follow protocol for cell lysis and preparation of samples for Western Blotting is included with the Transmembrane Protein Extraction Reagent, or can be downloaded in pdf format by clicking the manual tabs.

Restrictions For Research Use only
Format Liquid
Storage 4 °C
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Western Blotting (WB) image for Transmembrane Protein Extraction Reagent (ABIN1059100) Transmembrane Protein Extraction Reagent
Product cited in: Ahn, Sharif, Chisholm, Pinto, Gujar, Lee: "Ras transformation results in cleavage of reticulon protein Nogo-B that is associated with impairment of IFN response." in: Cell cycle (Georgetown, Tex.), Vol. 14, Issue 14, pp. 2301-10, 2015 (PubMed).