N-Myc (And STAT) Interactor (NMI) ELISA Kits

NMYC interactor (NMI) encodes a protein that interacts with NMYC and CMYC (two members of the oncogene Myc family), and other transcription factors containing a Zip, HLH, or HLH-Zip motif. Additionally we are shipping NMI Antibodies (52) and NMI Proteins (10) and many more products for this protein.

list all ELISA KIts Gene Name GeneID UniProt
NMI 17913 Q9WTI7
NMI 9111 Q13287
Anti-Rat NMI NMI 311021  
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Catalog No. Reactivity Sensitivity Range Images Quantity Supplier Delivery Price Details
Human 5.8 pg/mL 23.5-1500 pg/mL Typical standard curve 96 Tests Log in to see 15 to 18 Days
Mouse 3.9 pg/mL 15.6-1000 pg/mL Typical standard curve 96 Tests Log in to see 15 to 18 Days
  96 Tests Log in to see 15 to 18 Days

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Mouse (Murine) N-Myc (And STAT) Interactor (NMI) interaction partners

  1. We propose a novel genome-wide mechanism where myosin synergizes with Pol II-associated actin to link the polymerase machinery with permissive chromatin for transcription activation.

  2. Our observations demonstrate specific changes in the expression of myosin IC (show MYO1C ELISA Kits) isoform A that are concurrent with the occurrence of prostate cancer in the TRAMP (show DPT ELISA Kits) mouse prostate cancer model that closely mimics clinical prostate cancer

  3. Ca(2+) binding to calmodulin induces major conformational changes in both IQ motifs and the post-IQ domain and increases flexibility of the myosin-1c tail.

  4. The v-Crk-myosin-1c interaction, which modulates membrane dynamics by regulating Rac1 activity, is crucial for cell adhesion and spreading.

  5. These findings suggest that Nmi is a negative regulator of the virus-triggered induction of type I IFNs that targets IRF7 (show IRF7 ELISA Kits)

  6. Mouse nuclear myosin I knock-out shows interchangeability and redundancy of myosin isoforms in the cell nucleus.

  7. Myo1c (show MYO1C ELISA Kits) functions as a slow transporter rather than a tension-sensitive anchor.

  8. the novel specific NLS (show ALDH1A2 ELISA Kits) brings to the cell nucleus not only the "nuclear" isoform of myosin I (show MYO1A ELISA Kits) (NM1 (show MYO1C ELISA Kits) protein) but also its "cytoplasmic" isoform (Myo1c (show MYO1C ELISA Kits) protein)

  9. The data suggest that Myosin 1c is involved in the cytoskeleton dynamics and membrane protein anchoring or sorting in B lymphocytes

  10. A hearing loss-associated myo1c mutation (R156W) decreases the myosin duty ratio and force sensitivity

Human N-Myc (And STAT) Interactor (NMI) interaction partners

  1. Data suggest that N-myc (and STAT) interactor (NMI) could improve its downstream target bradykinin B2 receptor (BDKRB2) expression to induce extracellular signal-regulated kinases (ERK) 1 (show MAPK3 ELISA Kits)/2 activation, and thereby further evoke malignant progression of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC (show FAM126A ELISA Kits)).

  2. N-Myc (show MYCN ELISA Kits)-interacting protein (NMI (show MYO1C ELISA Kits)) negatively regulates epithelial-mesenchymal transition by inhibiting the acetylation of NF-kappaB (show NFKB1 ELISA Kits)/p65 (show GORASP1 ELISA Kits) in histone deacetylase (show HDAC1 ELISA Kits)-dependent manner.

  3. N-myc and STAT interactor sensitizes breast cancer cells to cisplatin treatment through DRAM1 (show DRAM1 ELISA Kits) dependent autophagy.

  4. Results show that aberrant miR (show MLXIP ELISA Kits)-29 expression may account for reduced NMI (show MYO1C ELISA Kits) expression in breast tumors and mesenchymal phenotype of cancer cells that promotes invasive growth.

  5. The results showed that SARS (show SARS ELISA Kits) coronavirus protein 6 can promote the ubiquitin-dependent proteosomal degradation of Nmi (show MYO1C ELISA Kits).

  6. overexpression or depletion of NMI (show MYO1C ELISA Kits) revealed its regulation on G1/S progression and cell proliferation (both in vitro and in vivo), and this effect was partially dependent on STAT1 (show STAT1 ELISA Kits), which interacted with and was regulated by NMI (show MYO1C ELISA Kits).

  7. Trim21 (show TRIM21 ELISA Kits) regulates Nmi (show MYO1C ELISA Kits)-IFI35 (show IFI35 ELISA Kits) complex-mediated inhibition of innate antiviral response

  8. Its potential function in transcriptional activation of NMI (show MYO1C ELISA Kits).

  9. identified NMI (show MYO1C ELISA Kits) induction as a novel negative feedback mechanism that decreases IRE1alpha (show ERN1 ELISA Kits)-dependent activation of JNK (show MAPK8 ELISA Kits) and apoptosis in cytokine-exposed beta cells

  10. Thus our work reveals a novel NMI-mediated, transcription-independent ARF induction pathway in response to cellular stresses.

NMI Antigen Profile

Antigen Summary

NMYC interactor (NMI) encodes a protein that interacts with NMYC and CMYC (two members of the oncogene Myc family), and other transcription factors containing a Zip, HLH, or HLH-Zip motif. The NMI protein also interacts with all STATs except STAT2 and augments STAT-mediated transcription in response to cytokines IL2 and IFN-gamma. The NMI mRNA has low expression levels in all human fetal and adult tissues tested except brain and has high expression in cancer cell line-myeloid leukemias.

Gene names and symbols associated with NMI

  • N-myc (and STAT) interactor (nmi) antibody
  • N-myc (and STAT) interactor (NMI) antibody
  • myosin IC (Myo1c) antibody
  • N-myc (and STAT) interactor (Nmi) antibody
  • C80397 antibody
  • fj02e01 antibody
  • MGC108489 antibody
  • mm1beta antibody
  • MMIb antibody
  • MYO1E antibody
  • myr2 antibody
  • NMI antibody
  • wu:fj02e01 antibody

Protein level used designations for NMI

N-myc (and STAT) interactor , N-myc and STAT interactor , MMI-beta , myosin I beta , myosin-Ibeta , myosin-Ic , nuclear myosin I beta , unconventional myosin-Ic , N-myc interactor , N-myc-interactor , N-mcy (and STAT) interactor

335331 Danio rerio
424314 Gallus gallus
470714 Pan troglodytes
476146 Canis lupus familiaris
495484 Xenopus laevis
613094 Xenopus (Silurana) tropicalis
694554 Macaca mulatta
784981 Bos taurus
17913 Mus musculus
9111 Homo sapiens
511280 Bos taurus
311021 Rattus norvegicus
64685 Mus musculus
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