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anti-NK2 Homeobox 2 Antibodies (Nkx2-2)
On are 230 NK2 Homeobox 2 (Nkx2-2) Antibodies from 17 different suppliers available. Additionally we are shipping Nkx2-2 Proteins (7) and many more products for this protein. A total of 246 Nkx2-2 products are currently listed.
id:ibd5090, nk2.2, Nkx-2.2, nkx2-2, nkx2-2-A, Nkx2.2, NKX2B, tinman, wu:fc83b01, XeNK-2, Xnkx2.2, zgc:136536
list all antibodies Gene Name GeneID UniProt
Nkx2-2 4821 O95096
Nkx2-2 18088 P42586
Nkx2-2 366214  

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Top referenced anti-Nkx2-2 Antibodies

  1. Human Polyclonal Nkx2-2 Primary Antibody for EIA, WB - ABIN953717 : Wang, Iezza, Zuraek, Jablons, Theodore, Bergsland, Donner, Warren, Nakakura: Lack of NKX2.2 expression in bronchopulmonary typical carcinoid tumors: implications for patients with neuroendocrine tumor metastases and unknown primary site. in The Journal of surgical research 2010 (PubMed)
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  2. Human Polyclonal Nkx2-2 Primary Antibody for IHC, IHC (p) - ABIN4339979 : Lawson, Cummings, Rassl, Russell, Brenton, Rintoul, Murphy: Two novel determinants of etoposide resistance in small cell lung cancer. in Cancer research 2011 (PubMed)
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  3. Human Monoclonal Nkx2-2 Primary Antibody for EIA, FACS - ABIN1108465 : Wang, Gallego-Arteche, Iezza, Yuan, Matli, Choo, Zuraek, Gogia, Lynn, German, Bergsland, Donner, Warren, Nakakura: Homeodomain transcription factor NKX2.2 functions in immature cells to control enteroendocrine differentiation and is expressed in gastrointestinal neuroendocrine tumors. in Endocrine-related cancer 2009 (PubMed)
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  4. Human Polyclonal Nkx2-2 Primary Antibody for EIA, IF - ABIN1450127 : Sussel, Kalamaras, Hartigan-OConnor, Meneses, Pedersen, Rubenstein, German: Mice lacking the homeodomain transcription factor Nkx2.2 have diabetes due to arrested differentiation of pancreatic beta cells. in Development (Cambridge, England) 1998 (PubMed)

  5. Cow (Bovine) Polyclonal Nkx2-2 Primary Antibody for WB - ABIN2780436 : Owen, Kowalewski, Lessnick: EWS/FLI mediates transcriptional repression via NKX2.2 during oncogenic transformation in Ewing's sarcoma. in PLoS ONE 2008 (PubMed)

  6. Chicken Polyclonal Nkx2-2 Primary Antibody for WB - ABIN2779962 : Sun, Hafler, Kaing, Kitada, Ligon, Widlund, Yuk, Stiles, Rowitch: Evidence for motoneuron lineage-specific regulation of Olig2 in the vertebrate neural tube. in Developmental biology 2006 (PubMed)

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Human NK2 Homeobox 2 (Nkx2-2) interaction partners

  1. NKX2-2 positivity was defined as moderate-to-strong nuclear immunoreactivity in at least 5% of cells

  2. Our study suggests that CGT (show UGT8 Antibodies) expression is controlled by balanced expression of the negative modulator OLIG2 (show OLIG2 Antibodies) and positive regulator Nkx2.2, providing new insights into how expression of GalCer is tightly regulated in cell-type- and stage-specific manners.

  3. lentiviral overexpression of transcription factors ASCL1 (show ASCL1 Antibodies), SOX10 (show SOX10 Antibodies), and NKX2.2 in NPCs was sufficient to induce Sox10 (show SOX10 Antibodies) enhancer activity, OPC mRNA, and protein expression consistent with OPC fate

  4. NKX2-2 and MNX1 (show MNX1 Antibodies) are etiological genes for neonatal diabetes.

  5. NKX2.2 is a valuable marker for Ewing sarcoma, with a sensitivity of 93% and a specificity of 89%, and aids in the differential diagnosis of small round cell tumors.

  6. The NKX2-2 can induce desired neuronal lineages from most expressing neural progenitor cells by a mechanism resembling developmental binary cell-fate switching.

  7. NKX2-1 (show NKX2-1 Antibodies), NKX2-2, and MEF2C (show MEF2C Antibodies) define oncogenic pathways in T cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (T-ALL).

  8. Functional analysis revealed that NKX2.2 is an EWS (show EWSR1 Antibodies)/FLI (show FLII Antibodies)-regulated gene that is necessary for oncogenic transformation in Ewing's sarcoma.

  9. EWS (show EWSR1 Antibodies)/FLI (show FLII Antibodies) mediates transcriptional repression via NKX2.2 during oncogenic transformation in Ewing's sarcoma

  10. NKX2.2 functions in immature endocrine cells to control neuroendocrine differentiation in normal intestine and is expressed in most neuroendocrine tumors of the gut (show GUSB Antibodies)

Mouse (Murine) NK2 Homeobox 2 (Nkx2-2) interaction partners

  1. Demonstrate that a rare mature enteroendocrine cell subpopulation that is demarcated by Nkx2.2 expression display stem cell properties during normal intestinal epithelial homeostasis, but is not easily activated upon injury.

  2. that Nkx2.2 and Nkx2.9 proteins play no role in the development of branchiovisceral motor neurons in hindbrain rostral to rhombomere 4.

  3. These data identify Nkx2.2 as key regulator to determine neuronal subtypes in the p3 domain of the central nervous system.

  4. The study demonstrates a previously unrecognized mechanism that controls insulin (show INS Antibodies) expression through c-Abl (show ABL1 Antibodies)-regulated NKx2.2 and GLUT2 (show SLC2A2 Antibodies).

  5. Our studies reveal that a subset of mouse perineurial cells are CNS-derived, express Nkx2.2, and are essential for motor nerve development.

  6. NKX2-2 and MNX1 (show MNX1 Antibodies) are etiological genes for neonatal diabetes.

  7. Nato3 (show FERD3L Antibodies) induces ectopic Foxa2 (show FOXA2 Antibodies)-positive cells and indirectly downregulates Nkx2.2 expression.

  8. Nkx2.2 functions as a major 'switch' to turn off Pdgfra (show PDGFRA Antibodies) signaling in oligodendrocyte precursor cells and initiate the intrinsic program for oligodendrocyte differentiation.

  9. Nkx2.2 must repress Neurod1 (show NEUROD1 Antibodies) in a Pdx1 (show PDX1 Antibodies)+ pancreatic progenitor population to appropriately commit a subset of Neurog3 (show NEUROG3 Antibodies)+ endocrine progenitor cells to the alpha cell lineage.

  10. Sirt2 (show SIRT2 Antibodies) enhances CG4 oligodendroglial differentiation and report a novel mechanism through which Nkx2.2 represses CG4 oligodendroglial differentiation via Sirt2 (show SIRT2 Antibodies).

Zebrafish NK2 Homeobox 2 (Nkx2-2) interaction partners

  1. Nkx2.2 promotes timely specification and differentiation of myelinating oligodendrocyte lineage cells from species representing different vertebrate taxa.

  2. Nkx2.2 coordinately activates NeuroD1 with Ngn3 in the endocrine progenitor cell and plays a role in the maintenance of NeuroD1 expression to regulate beta cell function in the mature islet.

Nkx2-2 Antigen Profile

Antigen Summary

The protein encoded by this gene contains a homeobox domain and may be involved in the morphogenesis of the central nervous system. This gene is found on chromosome 20 near NKX2-4, and these two genes appear to be duplicated on chromosome 14 in the form of TITF1 and NKX2-8. The encoded protein is likely to be a nuclear transcription factor.

Alternative names and synonyms associated with Nkx2-2

  • NK2 homeobox 2 (nkx2-2) antibody
  • NK2 homeobox 2 (NKX2-2) antibody
  • NK2 homeobox 2 (Nkx2-2) antibody
  • NK2 transcription factor related 2a (nkx2.2a) antibody
  • id:ibd5090 antibody
  • nk2.2 antibody
  • Nkx-2.2 antibody
  • nkx2-2 antibody
  • nkx2-2-A antibody
  • Nkx2.2 antibody
  • NKX2B antibody
  • tinman antibody
  • wu:fc83b01 antibody
  • XeNK-2 antibody
  • Xnkx2.2 antibody
  • zgc:136536 antibody

Protein level used designations for anti-NK2 Homeobox 2 (Nkx2-2) Antibodies

NK2 transcription factor related, locus 2 , homeobox protein XENK-2 , NK-2 homolog B , NK2 transcription factor-like protein B , homeobox protein NK-2 homolog B , homeobox protein Nkx-2.2 , Drosophila NK2 transcription factor related, locus 2 , glycoprotein GP330, renal , homeobox protein Nkx2-2 , homeobox protein NK-2 homolog B-A , homeobox protein Nkx-2.2a

373624 Xenopus laevis
428549 Gallus gallus
4821 Homo sapiens
485744 Canis lupus familiaris
531695 Bos taurus
18088 Mus musculus
366214 Rattus norvegicus
30697 Danio rerio
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