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OneMARK 100 DNA Ladder Marker

100-3000 bp
Catalog No. ABIN2868514
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600 μL
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  • Detection Range
    100-3000 bp
    Minimum Detection Limit
    100 bp
    Agarose Gel Electrophoresis (AGE)
    OneMARK 100 (Ready-to-Use)
    OneMARK 100 with the Novel Green was designed to show virtually uniform spacing over a wide fragment range. The ladder is supplied in a ready-to-use format containing the fluorescent DNA stain and tracking dyes. High quantum yield and excellent stability make the fluorescence dye the ideal fluorophore for DNA staining applications and a superior replacement for the widely used dyes, ethidium bromide or SYBR® Green I.The OneMARK 100 with the fluorescent stain was optimized for direct loading onto unstained agarose gels. The ladders provide highest level of convenience during the routine handling and avoid commonly used gel staining procedures with ethidium bromide or SYBR® Green I.The OneMARK 100 includes fragments ranging from 100-3,000 base pairs. The 500 and 1,500 base pair bands have increased intensity to serve as reference points. The approximate mass of DNA in each band is provided (0.54 μg per loading) for approximating the mass of DNA in comparably intense samples of similar size.
  • Application Notes
    No-post-staining procession, Direct loading onto your agarose gel for analysis

    Range: 100-3,000 bp
    Number of bands: 12
    Recommended Load: 6 μl / well,Containing orange G, xylene cyanol FF as the tracking dyes.

    For Research Use only
  • Format
    PCR products and double-stranded DNA digested with appropriate restriction enzymes are phenol-extracted and equilibrated to 10 mM Tris-HCl ( pH 8.0) and 1 mM EDTA.
    Handling Advice
    OneMARK 100 is light sensitive and should be stored and protected from light.
    -20 °C
    Storage Comment
    Store at RT and 4°C up to 6 months. Store at -20°C up to 1 year.
    Expiry Date
    12 months
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