Carbohydrate Homeostasis

Browse our antibodies, ELISA kits and proteins related to carbohydrate homeostasis.

A - B

Antigens in this category:
OXCT1 - 3-Oxoacid CoA Transferase 1: OXCT1 antibodies OXCT1 ELISA Kits OXCT1 Proteins
AACS - Acetoacetyl-CoA Synthetase: AACS antibodies AACS ELISA Kits AACS Proteins
ACSM2A (Acyl-CoA Synthetase Medium-Chain Family Member 2A): ACSM2A antibodies    
ADRA1B - alpha 1b Adrenergic Receptor: ADRA1B antibodies   ADRA1B Proteins
ADRA2A (Adrenergic, alpha-2A-, Receptor): ADRA2A antibodies ADRA2A ELISA Kits ADRA2A Proteins
AGER - Advanced Glycosylation End Product-Specific Receptor: AGER antibodies AGER ELISA Kits AGER Proteins
ALMS1 (Alstrom Syndrome 1): ALMS1 antibodies ALMS1 ELISA Kits  
ANG2 - Angiogenin, Ribonuclease A Family, Member 2:   ANG2 ELISA Kits  
APOC3 (Apolipoprotein C-III): APOC3 antibodies APOC3 ELISA Kits APOC3 Proteins
ASPRV1 - Aspartic Peptidase, Retroviral-Like 1:      
BAD (BCL2-Associated Agonist of Cell Death): BAD antibodies BAD ELISA Kits BAD Proteins

C - G

Antigens in this category:
CRP - C-Reactive Protein: CRP antibodies CRP ELISA Kits CRP Proteins
CACNA1C - Calcium Channel, Voltage-Dependent, L Type, alpha 1C Subunit: CACNA1C antibodies CACNA1C ELISA Kits CACNA1C Proteins
CACNA1E (Calcium Channel, Voltage-Dependent, R Type, alpha 1E Subunit): CACNA1E antibodies CACNA1E ELISA Kits CACNA1E Proteins
CASR - Calcium-Sensing Receptor: CASR antibodies CASR ELISA Kits CASR Proteins
CPB2 - Carboxypeptidase B2 (Plasma): CPB2 antibodies CPB2 ELISA Kits CPB2 Proteins
CARTPT - CART Prepropeptide: CARTPT antibodies CARTPT ELISA Kits CARTPT Proteins
CAV3 - Caveolin 3: CAV3 antibodies   CAV3 Proteins
CMA1 (Chymase 1, Mast Cell): CMA1 antibodies CMA1 ELISA Kits CMA1 Proteins
F2RL3 (Coagulation Factor II (Thrombin) Receptor-Like 3): F2RL3 antibodies F2RL3 ELISA Kits F2RL3 Proteins
C5 - Complement Component 5: C5 antibodies C5 ELISA Kits C5 Proteins
C5a - C5A: C5a antibodies C5a ELISA Kits C5a Proteins
CRTC2 (CREB Regulated Transcription Coactivator 2): CRTC2 antibodies   CRTC2 Proteins
CYBA - Cytochrome B-245, alpha Polypeptide: CYBA antibodies   CYBA Proteins
CYB5R4 - Cytochrome B5 Reductase 4: CYB5R4 antibodies   CYB5R4 Proteins
CYP11B1 (Cytochrome P450, Family 11, Subfamily B, Polypeptide 1): CYP11B1 antibodies CYP11B1 ELISA Kits CYP11B1 Proteins
CYP19A1 - Cytochrome P450, Family 19, Subfamily A, Polypeptide 1: CYP19A1 antibodies CYP19A1 ELISA Kits CYP19A1 Proteins
CYP7A1 (Cytochrome P450, Family 7, Subfamily A, Polypeptide 1): CYP7A1 antibodies CYP7A1 ELISA Kits CYP7A1 Proteins
DBH - Dopamine beta-Hydroxylase (Dopamine beta-Monooxygenase): DBH antibodies DBH ELISA Kits DBH Proteins
FGFR4 (Fibroblast Growth Factor Receptor 4): FGFR4 antibodies FGFR4 ELISA Kits FGFR4 Proteins
FN1 - Fibronectin 1: FN1 antibodies FN1 ELISA Kits FN1 Proteins
FOXA1 (Forkhead Box A1): FOXA1 antibodies   FOXA1 Proteins
FOXA3 (Forkhead Box A3): FOXA3 antibodies   FOXA3 Proteins
FOXO1 (Forkhead Box O1): FOXO1 antibodies FOXO1 ELISA Kits FOXO1 Proteins
FOXO3 (Forkhead Box O3): FOXO3 antibodies FOXO3 ELISA Kits FOXO3 Proteins
FFAR1 (Free Fatty Acid Receptor 1): FFAR1 antibodies FFAR1 ELISA Kits FFAR1 Proteins
GPER - G Protein-Coupled Estrogen Receptor 1: GPER antibodies GPER ELISA Kits GPER Proteins
GPR116 - G Protein-Coupled Receptor 116: GPR116 antibodies   GPR116 Proteins
GPR21 (G Protein-Coupled Receptor 21): GPR21 antibodies   GPR21 Proteins
GPR39 (G Protein-Coupled Receptor 39): GPR39 antibodies   GPR39 Proteins
GATA4 (GATA Binding Protein 4): GATA4 antibodies GATA4 ELISA Kits GATA4 Proteins
GCGR - Glucagon Receptor: GCGR antibodies GCGR ELISA Kits GCGR Proteins
GCK (Glucokinase (Hexokinase 4)): GCK antibodies GCK ELISA Kits GCK Proteins
GCKR (Glucokinase (Hexokinase 4) Regulator): GCKR antibodies GCKR ELISA Kits GCKR Proteins
G6PC (Glucose 6-Phosphatase, Catalytic): G6PC antibodies G6PC ELISA Kits G6PC Proteins
GRIK5 - Glutamate Receptor, Ionotropic, Kainate 5: GRIK5 antibodies GRIK5 ELISA Kits GRIK5 Proteins
GAS6 (Growth Arrest-Specific 6): GAS6 antibodies GAS6 ELISA Kits GAS6 Proteins

H - L

Antigens in this category:
HGF (Hepatocyte Growth Factor (Hepapoietin A, Scatter Factor)): HGF antibodies HGF ELISA Kits HGF Proteins
HNF4A (Hepatocyte Nuclear Factor 4, alpha): HNF4A antibodies HNF4A ELISA Kits HNF4A Proteins
HK1 - Hexokinase 1: HK1 antibodies HK1 ELISA Kits HK1 Proteins
HK2 - Hexokinase 2: HK2 antibodies HK2 ELISA Kits HK2 Proteins
HK3 (Hexokinase 3 (White Cell)): HK3 antibodies HK3 ELISA Kits HK3 Proteins
HNF1A - HNF1 Homeobox A: HNF1A antibodies HNF1A ELISA Kits HNF1A Proteins
HSD3B1 (Hydroxy-delta-5-Steroid Dehydrogenase, 3 beta- and Steroid delta-Isomerase 1): HSD3B1 antibodies HSD3B1 ELISA Kits HSD3B1 Proteins
HIF1A - Hypoxia Inducible Factor 1, alpha Subunit (Basic Helix-Loop-Helix Transcription Factor): HIF1A antibodies HIF1A ELISA Kits HIF1A Proteins
INPP5K (Inositol Polyphosphate-5-Phosphatase K): INPP5K antibodies   INPP5K Proteins
INS - Insulin: INS antibodies INS ELISA Kits INS Proteins
INSR - Insulin Receptor: INSR antibodies INSR ELISA Kits INSR Proteins
IRS1 - Insulin Receptor Substrate 1: IRS1 antibodies IRS1 ELISA Kits IRS1 Proteins
IRS2 (Insulin Receptor Substrate 2): IRS2 antibodies IRS2 ELISA Kits IRS2 Proteins
IGFBP5 (Insulin-Like Growth Factor Binding Protein 5): IGFBP5 antibodies IGFBP5 ELISA Kits IGFBP5 Proteins
ICAM1 - ICAM-1: ICAM1 antibodies ICAM1 ELISA Kits ICAM1 Proteins
IL1R1 (Interleukin 1 Receptor, Type I): IL1R1 antibodies IL1R1 ELISA Kits IL1R1 Proteins
IL1B (Interleukin 1, beta): IL1B antibodies IL1B ELISA Kits IL1B Proteins
LGALS1 (Lectin, Galactoside-Binding, Soluble, 1): LGALS1 antibodies LGALS1 ELISA Kits LGALS1 Proteins

M - Pa

Antigens in this category:
MSLN - Mesothelin: MSLN antibodies MSLN ELISA Kits MSLN Proteins
MET (Met Proto-Oncogene): MET antibodies MET ELISA Kits MET Proteins
MCU (Mitochondrial Calcium Uniporter): MCU antibodies MCU ELISA Kits MCU Proteins
MLXIPL (MLX Interacting Protein-Like): MLXIPL antibodies   MLXIPL Proteins
SIN3A (SIN3 Transcription Regulator Homolog A (Yeast)): SIN3A antibodies SIN3A ELISA Kits SIN3A Proteins
MEF2A - Myocyte Enhancer Factor 2A: MEF2A antibodies MEF2A ELISA Kits MEF2A Proteins
MEF2C (Myocyte Enhancer Factor 2C): MEF2C antibodies MEF2C ELISA Kits MEF2C Proteins
NOX4 - NADPH Oxidase 4: NOX4 antibodies NOX4 ELISA Kits NOX4 Proteins
NGFR (Nerve Growth Factor Receptor): NGFR antibodies NGFR ELISA Kits NGFR Proteins
NEUROD1 (Neuronal Differentiation 1): NEUROD1 antibodies NEUROD1 ELISA Kits NEUROD1 Proteins
NPX1 - Neuronal Pentraxin 1: NPX1 antibodies NPX1 ELISA Kits NPX1 Proteins
NME1-NME2 (NME1-NME2 readthrough Transcript): NME1-NME2 antibodies    
NME1 (Non-Metastatic Cells 1, Protein (NM23A) Expressed in): NME1 antibodies NME1 ELISA Kits NME1 Proteins
NCOR2 (Nuclear Receptor Co-Repressor 2): NCOR2 antibodies NCOR2 ELISA Kits  
PAX2A (Paired Box Gene 2a): PAX2A antibodies   PAX2A Proteins
PAX6 (Paired Box 6): PAX6 antibodies PAX6 ELISA Kits PAX6 Proteins
PDX1 (Pancreatic and Duodenal Homeobox 1): PDX1 antibodies PDX1 ELISA Kits PDX1 Proteins
PTCH1 - Patched 1: PTCH1 antibodies PTCH1 ELISA Kits PTCH1 Proteins

Pe - Pz

Antigens in this category:
PPARG (Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor gamma): PPARG antibodies PPARG ELISA Kits PPARG Proteins
PPARGC1A (Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor Gamma, Coactivator 1 alpha):      
PDE3B (phosphodiesterase 3B, CGMP-Inhibited):      
PCK1 (phosphoenolpyruvate Carboxykinase 1 (Soluble)): PCK1 antibodies PCK1 ELISA Kits PCK1 Proteins
PEPCK (phosphoenolpyruvate Carboxykinase 2 (Mitochondrial)): PEPCK antibodies PEPCK ELISA Kits PEPCK Proteins
PFKM - phosphofructokinase, Muscle: PFKM antibodies PFKM ELISA Kits PFKM Proteins
PLSCR3 - phospholipid Scramblase 3: PLSCR3 antibodies   PLSCR3 Proteins
PYGL (phosphorylase, Glycogen, Liver): PYGL antibodies PYGL ELISA Kits PYGL Proteins
PLAU (Plasminogen Activator, Urokinase): PLAU antibodies PLAU ELISA Kits PLAU Proteins
PMCH (Pro-Melanin-Concentrating Hormone): PMCH antibodies PMCH ELISA Kits PMCH Proteins
PRKACA (Protein Kinase A, alpha): PRKACA antibodies PRKACA ELISA Kits PRKACA Proteins
AKT1 - AKT: AKT1 antibodies AKT1 ELISA Kits AKT1 Proteins
PKCd - PKC delta: PKCd antibodies PKCd ELISA Kits PKCd Proteins
PRKAA1 (Protein Kinase, AMP-Activated, alpha 1 Catalytic Subunit): PRKAA1 antibodies PRKAA1 ELISA Kits PRKAA1 Proteins
PRKAA2 (Protein Kinase, AMP-Activated, alpha 2 Catalytic Subunit): PRKAA2 antibodies PRKAA2 ELISA Kits PRKAA2 Proteins
PPP3CA (Protein Phosphatase 3, Catalytic Subunit, alpha Isoform): PPP3CA antibodies PPP3CA ELISA Kits PPP3CA Proteins
PTPN11 (Protein tyrosine Phosphatase, Non-Receptor Type 11): PTPN11 antibodies PTPN11 ELISA Kits PTPN11 Proteins
PTPN2 (Protein tyrosine Phosphatase, Non-Receptor Type 2): PTPN2 antibodies PTPN2 ELISA Kits PTPN2 Proteins
PTK2B (PTK2B Protein tyrosine Kinase 2 beta): PTK2B antibodies PTK2B ELISA Kits PTK2B Proteins
PDK2 (Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Kinase, Isozyme 2): PDK2 antibodies PDK2 ELISA Kits PDK2 Proteins
PDK3 (Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Kinase, Isozyme 3): PDK3 antibodies   PDK3 Proteins
PDK4 (Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Kinase, Isozyme 4): PDK4 antibodies PDK4 ELISA Kits PDK4 Proteins

R - S

Antigens in this category:
RAB11FIP2 - RAB11 Family Interacting Protein 2 (Class I): RAB11FIP2 antibodies   RAB11FIP2 Proteins
RAB11FIP5 - RAB11 Family Interacting Protein 5 (Class I): RAB11FIP5 antibodies RAB11FIP5 ELISA Kits RAB11FIP5 Proteins
RAB11B (RAB11B, Member RAS Oncogene Family): RAB11B antibodies RAB11B ELISA Kits RAB11B Proteins
RPH3AL - Rabphilin 3A-Like (Without C2 Domains): RPH3AL antibodies   RPH3AL Proteins
RANBP2 - RAN Binding Protein 2: RANBP2 antibodies    
RFX6 (Regulatory Factor X 6): RFX6 antibodies   RFX6 Proteins
RBP4 (Retinol Binding Protein 4, Plasma): RBP4 antibodies RBP4 ELISA Kits RBP4 Proteins
RPS6 (Ribosomal Protein S6): RPS6 antibodies RPS6 ELISA Kits RPS6 Proteins
STK11 - LKB1: STK11 antibodies STK11 ELISA Kits STK11 Proteins
SERPINE1 (serpin Peptidase Inhibitor, Clade E (Nexin, Plasminogen Activator Inhibitor Type 1), Member 1): SERPINE1 antibodies SERPINE1 ELISA Kits SERPINE1 Proteins
SH2B2 (SH2B Adaptor Protein 2): SH2B2 antibodies   SH2B2 Proteins
STAT3 (Signal Transducer and Activator of Transcription 3 (Acute-Phase Response Factor)): STAT3 antibodies STAT3 ELISA Kits STAT3 Proteins
SIN3A (SIN3 Transcription Regulator Homolog A (Yeast)): SIN3A antibodies SIN3A ELISA Kits SIN3A Proteins
SIRT1 (Sirtuin 1): SIRT1 antibodies SIRT1 ELISA Kits SIRT1 Proteins
SLC2A4 (Solute Carrier Family 2 (Facilitated Glucose Transporter), Member 4): SLC2A4 antibodies SLC2A4 ELISA Kits SLC2A4 Proteins
SLC24A6 - Solute Carrier Family 24 (Sodium/potassium/calcium Exchanger), Member 6: SLC24A6 antibodies   SLC24A6 Proteins
SLC29A1 (Solute Carrier Family 29 (Nucleoside Transporters), Member 1): SLC29A1 antibodies SLC29A1 ELISA Kits SLC29A1 Proteins
SLC30A8 - Solute Carrier Family 30 (Zinc Transporter), Member 8: SLC30A8 antibodies SLC30A8 ELISA Kits SLC30A8 Proteins
SLC37A4 - Solute Carrier Family 37 (Glucose-6-Phosphate Transporter), Member 4: SLC37A4 antibodies   SLC37A4 Proteins
SSTR5 (Somatostatin Receptor 5): SSTR5 antibodies SSTR5 ELISA Kits SSTR5 Proteins
STAR (Steroidogenic Acute Regulatory Protein): STAR antibodies STAR ELISA Kits STAR Proteins
SOCS6 (Suppressor of Cytokine Signaling 6): SOCS6 antibodies SOCS6 ELISA Kits SOCS6 Proteins
STXBP5L (Syntaxin Binding Protein 5-Like): STXBP5L antibodies STXBP5L ELISA Kits  

T - Z

Antigens in this category:
TXN - Thioredoxin: TXN antibodies TXN ELISA Kits TXN Proteins
TJP1 (Tight Junction Protein 1 (Zona Occludens 1)): TJP1 antibodies TJP1 ELISA Kits TJP1 Proteins
TCF4 (Transcription Factor 4): TCF4 antibodies TCF4 ELISA Kits TCF4 Proteins
TCF7L2 (Transcription Factor 7-Like 2 (T-Cell Specific, HMG-Box)): TCF7L2 antibodies TCF7L2 ELISA Kits TCF7L2 Proteins
TFAP2B (Transcription Factor AP-2 beta (Activating Enhancer Binding Protein 2 Beta)): TFAP2B antibodies TFAP2B ELISA Kits TFAP2B Proteins
TH - Tyrosine Hydroxylase: TH antibodies TH ELISA Kits TH Proteins
UCP2 (Uncoupling Protein 2 (Mitochondrial, Proton Carrier)): UCP2 antibodies UCP2 ELISA Kits UCP2 Proteins
USF1 (Upstream Transcription Factor 1): USF1 antibodies USF1 ELISA Kits USF1 Proteins
AKT1 - AKT: AKT1 antibodies AKT1 ELISA Kits AKT1 Proteins
VCAM1 (Vascular Cell Adhesion Molecule 1): VCAM1 antibodies VCAM1 ELISA Kits VCAM1 Proteins
VGF (VGF Nerve Growth Factor Inducible): VGF antibodies VGF ELISA Kits VGF Proteins
WFS1 - Wolfram Syndrome 1: WFS1 antibodies WFS1 ELISA Kits WFS1 Proteins
ZNF236 - Zinc Finger Protein 236: ZNF236 antibodies