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GenoMatrix Whole Genome Amplification Kit Kit

Catalog No. ABIN2866101
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  • Application
    DNA Amplification (DNA Amp)
    GenoMatrix™ Whole Genome Amplification Kits are quality control tested to demonstrate that they are effective in performing bias-free amplification of human genomic DNA and that genome representation is maintained after whole amplification.
  • Comment

    Human male genomic DNA from is amplified as described in the GenoMatrix™ Whole Genome Amplification Kit manual. In parallel to this positive control DNA, a no DNA control is also processed. To evaluate the genome representation of amplified DNA, it is compared with non-amplified DNA using quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR). Eight loci (chosen from 8 different chromosomes) have been tested for quality control. The same amounts of amplified and non-amplified DNA have been, thus making the Ct values comparable indicating that the genome representation of the final amplified DNA product is maintained (Figure 1). The quality of the amplified DNA is also determined by loading 10 μl of the final DNA product on an agarose gel (Figure 2).

    For Research Use only
  • Storage
    -20 °C
    Storage Comment
    The GenoMatrix™ Whole Genome Amplification Kit must be stored at -20°C. This product is guaranteed for 6 months from date of receipt.
    Expiry Date
    6 months
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