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CUT&RUN Combo: Beads, Controls, Primary, MNase in One go!

Written/Edited by Julian Pampel, BSc

CUT&RUN stands for "Cleavage Under Targets and Release Using Nuclease". The technique developed from the Henikoff Lab offers a new approach to pursue epigenetics. CUT&RUN introduces some major modifications to eliminate shortcomings inherent to ChIP-seq. It is simple to perform and inherently robust, with extremely low backgrounds, while requiring only ~1/10th the sequencing depth as ChIP. As a result, less sample material is needed, making CUT&RUN a cost-effective option for transcription factor and chromatin profiling.

Assemble Your CUT&RUN Combo

antibodies-online has a special offer for our CUT&RUN customers: A customizable CUT&RUN set, the CUT&RUN Combo. The CUT&RUN Combo gives you a head start in CUT&RUN with concanavalin A beads, a wide selection of antibodies validated for CUT&RUN, control antibodies, pAG-MNase and more, all combined in one set for at least 50 reactions. Benefit from antibodies-online’s expertise - our broad offer of validated CUT&RUN antibodies satisfy the highest standards.

Do you want to perform CUT&RUN experiments but have trouble finding the right reagents? Follow the instructions below to get your customized CUT&RUN Combo for only 600 € in total. Get started now!

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    • pAG-MNase
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Pick Your CUT&RUN Components

Overview of Components needed in a CUT&RUN Experiment: 1 Concanavalin A Beads | 2 Controls| 3 Antibodies | 4 pAG-MNase

Concanavalin A beads are responsible for cell immobilization. The unique saccharide-binding properties of plant lectins, such as Concanavalin A have made them suitable for isolation of glycan-presenting cells. For CUT&RUN Magnetic ConA Beads (Agarose) offer easier washing and resuspension steps, while reducing the risk of samples drying out. The negative control antibody is used to establish a reference background for peak calling. This is necessary because of the sparse background signal in CUT&RUN samples compared to ChIP-seq samples. On the other hand, the positive control indicates nonspecific binding of the antibody directed against the protein of interest to other proteins in the sample and is useful to avoid identification of false positive signals. The antibody of interest is determined by the target you want to investigate. For guidance, browse our tables organized by different research focuses such as histone modification or transcription regulation down below. Last, is the pAG-MNase. This enzyme construct of protein A and G is fused to micrococcal nuclease and responsible for DNA digestion prior to chromatin release.

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