antibodies-online is delighted to announce the Preferred Exotic ELISA Kit Vendor:

Cloud Clone Corporation (formerly USCN Life Sciences).

Cloud Clone products are ubiquitously sold across the globe. We have been distributing kits from Cloud Clone since 2010. They are frequently relabeled and sold under a variety of different popular name-brands. Cloud Clone's approximately 8000 ELISA Kits represent a balance between available validation and broad target coverage.

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Our new pathway poster about autophagy and senescence is available at antibodies-online. Discover the differences between micro-, macro- and mitoautophagy and informaton about products related to the Autophagy Pathway. You can download the poster for free. If you are interested into the role of autophagy in diseases, visit our resource site.

More detailed pathway posters with useful information can be found on our pathway page.

In the laboratory, ELISA is used to quantitatively measure or qualitatively detect any number of different target antigens. ELISAs are able to detect and quantify a wide variety of antigenic targets including peptides, proteins, antibodies, hormones, and small molecules.

When choosing an ELISA kit, most researchers demand an assay that is sensitive, specific, and highly-validated.

A sensitive assay is able to detect antigen at a very low titer in sample matrix (sometimes as low as pg/mL). A specific assay measures the target antigen only, and does not cross react with other common components inside normal sample matrices. A validated assay is accompanied by a sufficient quantity of data to confirm that both the sensitivity and specificity of the assay are consistent with the advertised specifications.