antibodies-online is proud to welcome our newest supplier, BioQuoChem.

Spanish assay manufacturer BioQuoChem produces a variety of chromogenic assay kits for quantifying antioxidant capacity, and oxidative stress, and presence of oxidative reactants in a biological matrix.

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antibodies-online welcomes UK protein production experts Orla Protein Technologies to our global distributor network. Orla Protein Technologies currently lists 6 extensively validated, recombinant viral proteins in our catalog.

Orla Protein Technologies proteins derived from Influenza A, Influenza B, and Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) sequences are immediately available at antibodies-online! Check them out now!

Therapeutic antibodies are among the most successful class of biological therapeutics available to clinicians. These monoclonal antibodies are routinely used for the treatment of autoimmune diseases and in cancer therapies.

They are widely used as a therapeutic agent for treating cancer and various autoimmune disorders. Specific detection, and precise quantification of these components, as well as characterization of subject immune response to them, is necessary to better understand their role and to precisely identify potential contraindications.

antibodies-online offers antibody ELISA kits manufactured by ImmunoGuide for the detection and quantification of several immunotherapy antibodies in research applications.

In our quest to bring you the highest quality recombinant proteins available, antibodies-online has recently entered into a worldwide distribution partnership with Chicago, IL based HumanZyme.

Interested researchers will find that Humanzyme proteins are available in small, low-cost 2μg aliquots, so precarious or difficult experiments can be attempted at minimal risk before committing to a major protein order.

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