Epitope tag antibodies from GenScript

An epitope, also known as an antigenic determinant, is a biological structure or sequence to which an antibody binds. Recombinant proteins can be expressed with an epitope tag to enable easier identification, purification and detection. Epitope tagging eliminates the need to produce a new antibody for each different protein. The experimenter can choose the fitting tag epitope for the recombinant protein so that it can be manipulated in the desired experimental application such as Western blotting, IP, IHC, and affinity purification.

offers highly specific epitope tag antibodies as shown below:
ABIN962814 C-Myc-Tag antibody
ABIN387706 C-Myc-Tag antibody (HRP)
ABIN387707 C-Myc-Tag antibody (Biotin)
ABIN387699 HIS Tag antibody
ABIN387701 HIS Tag antibody (HRP)
ABIN387702 HIS Tag antibody (Biotin)
ABIN387722 HIS Tag antibody (FITC)
ABIN387711 HA Tag antibody
ABIN387712 HA Tag antibody (HRP)
ABIN387713 HA Tag antibody (Biotin)
ABIN387723 HA Tag antibody (FITC)
ABIN962821 GST antibody
ABIN387709 GST antibody (HRP)
ABIN387710 GST antibody (Biotin)
ABIN387700 DYKDDDDK antibody
ABIN387715 DYKDDDDK antibody (HRP)
ABIN387716 DYKDDDDK antibody (Biotin)
ABIN387724 DYKDDDDK antibody (FITC)
ABIN962835 NWSHPQFE antibody
ABIN962835 NWSHPQFE antibody (HRP)
ABIN962829 NWSHPQFE antibody (Biotin)
ABIN962832 NWSHPQFE antibody (FITC)
ABIN962847 V5 Epitope Tag antibody
ABIN962844 V5 Epitope Tag antibody (HRP)
ABIN962841 V5 Epitope Tag antibody (Biotin)