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High-quality biological products from ChromoTek

is a biotechnological company focusing on the discovery and development of novel immunologic research tools for basic research and pharmaceutical drug development.

offers various biological products such as GFP-Trap®, RFP-Trap®, GFP-Booster, and RFP-Booster. There are also some high quality monoclonal antibodies from ChromoTek available on the antibodies-online platform.

Nanotraps (i.e. GFP-Traps® and RFP-Traps®) offer a high quality, single domain GFP binding protein, or RFP binding protein respectively, coupled to a matrix for biochemical studies (pulldown, immunoprecipitation, Co-IP, Western blot, mass spectrometry or ChIP) of GFP, RFP and related fluorescent fusion proteins and their interacting partners.

We offer a wide range of high-quality ELISA kits for various targets and sample types