Phycobiliproteins from Phyco-Biotech now available on

is located in the south of France, close to the "Petite Camargue" and the Mediterranean sea. is recognized among various companies and France and abroad and specializes in the extraction and purification of fluorescent labels.

Phycobiliproteins are natural polymeric proteins found in cyanobacteria, eucaryotic red algae and cryptomonads where they represent accessory photosynthetic pigments. Phycobiliproteins are made up of a high molecular weight protein backbone to which open tetrapyrrolic chromophores are covalently bound. The main phycobiliproteins are allophycocyanin (APC), the phycocyanins family (C-PC and R-PC), the phycoerythrins family (R-PE and C-PE) and phycoerythrocyanin (PEC).

On antibodies-online, it is possible to browse through proteins from such as Allo-Phycocyanin, Crosslinked Allo-Phycocyanin, B-Phycoerythrin and R-Phycoerythrin.