Rockland TrueBlot™ products make challenging Western blot and IP experiments simple

Rockland TrueBlot™ antibodies, available through antibodies-online, offer unparalleled performance and specificity. TrueBlot™ antibodies improve signal, minimize heavy/light chain interference, and save researchers countless hours of frustration.

Western blot and immunoprecipitation experiments are among the most commonly utilized methods for confirming protein expression and interaction. Unfortunately, analyzing some targets via these methods presents a significant challenge. Heavy/light chain contamination, nonspecific binding by a secondary antibody, and weak signal all result in confounding data and frustration.

Rockland TrueBlot™ antibodies solve nearly all of these issues, and make tricky Western blot and IP experiments easy by offering exceptional sensitivity, low background-noise, and enhanced accuracy.

Note: For those seeking the simplest and most convenient approach, antibodies-online also offers Rockland TrueBlot™ kits for Western blot (ABIN1589983, ABIN1589982, ABIN1589981) and immunoprecipitation (ABIN1589978, ABIN1589979, ABIN1589980) - a complete solution containing all of the critical reagents to complete your Western blot or IP experiment. Just choose the kit that is appropriate for your primary antibody. We offer a wide range of high-quality ELISA kits for various targets and sample types