635 new products from Eagle Biosciences available at antibodies-online

antibodies-online has recently partnered with Nashua, NH based Eagle Biosciences to offer a host of innovative new reagents to our clients. Eagle Biosciences is focused on producing esoteric products that fill specific underrepresented niches in the life-science research reagent market.

The extensive list of unique Eagle Biosciences products now available through antibodies-online includes ELISA kits for detection of hormone targets like aldosterone (ABIN2648599), androstenedione (ABIN2648580), and estradiol (ABIN2648575). antibodies-online also offers more than 50 novel monoclonal and polyclonal Eagle Biosciences antibodies, and a broad range of high-purity recombinant proteins.

Check out all of the Eagle Biosciences products at antibodies-online. We offer a wide range of high-quality ELISA kits for various targets and sample types