Product feature: Synthetic polypeptide toxins - a novel approach to ion-channel and receptor research

Toxins are a structurally and functionally diverse class of biologically produced poisonous molecules. Certain toxins have the ability to selectively bind and inhibit individual ion-channels or cell surface receptors, making them potent and valuable tools for studying cellular function and communication.

antibodies-online has teamed up with Smartox Biotechnology to offer ~70 different synthetic polypeptide toxins specifically designed for use in life-science research applications.

Many of these highly versatile and unique reagents possess functional properties that extend beyond simply inhibiting their respective targets. For example, product TMR-ShK is synthetic Stichodactyla toxin conjugated to a fluorescent probe (TMR), and may be used to label voltage gated potassium channels in IF and FACS experiments..

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