Determination of antibody epitopes and reactive sites on proteins

The knowledge about reactive sites on proteins, especially of antibody epitopes and their position within the primary structure of a distinct protein can give essential information for the development of immunoassays as well for the development of medical strategies and pharmaceutical drugs.
To address this demand antibodies-online offers a proven service to determine (a) reactive sites on proteins by means of specific antibodies, (b) to determine the epitope(s) of these antibodies and (c) to identify epitopes on human autoantigens by means of patient´s sera suffering from an autoimmune disease.

Based on an established technology-platform and extensive experience in antibody technology we are able to determine every linear epitope of a defined protein.

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Picture 1: Epitope Determination of a human Autoantigen using Sera of Patients suffering from the Disease

Epitope analysis

Picture 2: Epitope Analysis of a Monoclonal Antibody

Epitope Analysis of a monoclonal antibody

Remarks:The extracellular portion of an human transmembrane receptor split in 55 peptides is analyzed by means of a specific monoclonal antibody. The epitope of a receptor specific monoclonal antibody is represented by the common core of the 3 detected peptides.

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