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In the laboratory, ELISA is used to quantitatively measure or qualitatively detect any number of different target antigens. ELISAs are able to detect and quantify a wide variety of antigenic targets including peptides, proteins, antibodies, hormones, and small molecules.

When choosing an ELISA kit, most researchers demand an assay that is sensitive, specific, and highly-validated.

A sensitive assay is able to detect antigen at a very low titer in sample matrix (sometimes as low as pg/mL). A specific assay measures the target antigen only, and does not cross react with other common components inside normal sample matrices. A validated assay is accompanied by a sufficient quantity of data to confirm that both the sensitivity and specificity of the assay are consistent with the advertised specifications.

antibodies-online is excited to announce that we are now offering our own brand of highly-validated, sensitive, specific ELISA kits targeting more than a dozen important antigenic targets.

All of the ELISA kits below manufactured in Canada by a leading assay lab and are validated by rigorous lot-specific QC testing including Western blot analysis to show specificity of capture and detection Abs. The kits are supplemented by precise, sample-type specific isolation and assay instructions to ensure a smooth workflow.

Sporting industry leading validation data, our first selection of kits are primarily directed against human heat-shock proteins (HSPs) which play an important role in the proper assembly of nascent protein.

About the antigens:

HSPs are core components of various cellular pathways that manage cellular stress response and maintain proper protein synthesis, folding, oligomerization and protein transport and oxidative stress.

12 high-quality ELISA kits against our most popular antigenic targets

Target Species Catalog Number
HSP70 (High-Sensitivity) Mammalian ABIN2964827
HSP70 Plant ABIN2964837
HSP70 Human ABIN2964821
HSBP1 Human ABIN2964829
HSPD1 Human ABIN2964831
HSPD1 (High-Sensitivitiy) Human ABIN2964841
8-OHdG All ABIN2964843
GRP78 Rat ABIN2964839
HSPA8 Human ABIN2964823
CRYAB Human ABIN2964835
HMOX1 Human ABIN2964833
HSP90 Human ABIN2964825

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