CHO Host Cell Protein Detection with unmatched Coverage

The BioQuantiPro™ CHO-HCP ELISA Kit from Rockland is now available!

The BioQuantiPro™ CHO-HCP ELISA Kit is specifically designed for standard to high throughput applications in order to faciliate the automation process. Key feature of this kit is the unmatched CHO-HCP contaminant coverage. The antibody covers host cell contaminants, with especially good coverage in the extremes, including both low abundancy and high abundancy proteins, as well as poorly immunogenic and highly immunogenic proteins.


The kit offers high reproducibility with low lot-to-lot variation, perfectly suitable for biopharmaceutical development and following upscaling production. Together with the high precision and sensitivity the kit is perfectly suited for detection of host cell protein impuritie in chinese hamster cells.

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