Oligomer specific monoclonal antibody against Amyloid beta (Abeta)

Image Amyloid beta Antibody
The anti-Amyloid beta (Abeta) antibody (Clone 4D8) is a conformational specific antibody that can specifically detect oligomeric structures of Aβ(1-40/1-42). It shows only very low affinity towards mature fibrils and soluble monomers. No reactivity has been noted to the amyloid form of Abeta and to the truncated variants Abeta(1-34) or Abeta (1-28).
This anti-Amyloid beta (Abeta) antibody can be used in a sandwich ELISA. It should however be emphasized that a reactivity can be induced through denaturation of Aß(1-42) monomers e.g. in SDS followed by western blot or through direct coating in an ELISA setup. It is therefore important to chose conditions that maintains the stability of the oligomeric structures during analysis.