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Longevity, insulin sensitivity and oncogenic potential: the complex roles of Sirtuin 1 (SIRT1)

is a multifaceted, NAD+-dependent protein deacetylase that is involved in a wide variety of cellular processes ranging from cancer to ageing. While ’s mode of action is still debated some progress has been made.

Here we present an interesting antibody for research on SIRT1.

is downregulated in cells that have high insulin resistance and inducing its expression increases insulin sensitivity. The molecular basis for these effects remains largely obscure.

has been shown to have oncogenic properties by downregulating activity, but recent studies indicate that acts as a tumour suppressor in a mutated background, raising intriguing questions regarding its mechanism of action.

Also the hunt for agonists has been controversial. Resveratrol – a component of red grapes and hence wine- is thought to be an activator of . While some claim that some of the beneficial effects of red wine are due to the effects of , others maintain that the concentrations of resveratrol are too low to make a physiological difference. Resveratrol has for instance been shown to increase life span significantly in three model organisms through a (yeast homolog of )-dependent pathway.

Here we present an ELISA, , , and assays.

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