Monoclonal anti-human IgE antibodies: Research tools for allergy research

Several new anti-human IgE antibodies for allergy research are now available from Among them are the well published anti-human IgE antibody (SUS-11) anti-human IgE antibody (BSW17) and monoclonal anti-human IgE antibody (Le27).
Immunoglobulin E (IgE) and the interaction with it’s receptors expressed on mast cells and basophils are main players in the pathomechanism of IgE mediated allergic reactions (allergic rhinitis, asthma, atopic dermatitis, food allergies). Purified human IgE protein, recombinant IgE receptors and biochemically as well as functionally well characterized monoclonal antibodies directed against different epitopes on these components are tools of central importance for allergy research and diagnostics, but also for the identification and development of novel anti-allergic drugs.

Anti-human IgE (SUS-11) antibody is a highly affinity purified human IgE derived from B cells of healthy donors (no myeloma origin). It is being used in numerous research- and development laboratories for various in vitro and in vivo applications.

Monoclonal anti-human IgE antibody (BSW17) recognizes an epitope spanning across the C3 and C4 domains of human IgE and inhibits the binding of IgE to its high affinity receptor. Apart from classical applications (ELISA, FACS, W-blot), mAb BSW17 is the antibody of choice to study the mechanism of IgE dependent activation of mast cells and basophils. The properties of mAb BSW17 have also been described in a series of international publications.

Monoclonal anti-human IgE antibody (Le27) is optimally suitable for in vitro tests like ELISA, FACS, W-blot. In combination wit human IgE (SUS-11) this mAb is optimally suited for controlled mast cell activation.

A set consisting of all three components offers an ideal basis for the development of customized screening assays and ELISA for the determination of IgE concentrations in human blood samples.

These products are also available as functionally active conjugates with biotin and other standard labels (e.g. AP, FITC, PE) and can also be ordered in azide free buffer for functional tests using living cells. They are delivered with a certificate of analysis documenting purity and target binding. In case of proven quality deficiencies our money-back guarantee applies.