Nanotraps®: Superior applications for fluorescently labeled binding proteins

are a new format of binding proteins by that are extremely small, highly stable and utmost reliable. They are therefore ideal tools for a multitude of analytical and preparative applications, e.g. purification of fusion proteins for proteomics, immune fluorescence detection or ELISA studies, using for instance .

Nanotraps® are superior to conventional antibodies in many respects: no lot-to-lot variations, easier handling, and up to 70% shorter assay times. GFP-Trap® and RFP-Trap® are efficient reagents for functional and biochemical studies of fluorescent proteins.

The GFP-Trap® and RFP-Trap® featuring:
  • robust and versatile tool for biochemical analyses
  • short incubation times (5 - 30 min)
  • quantitative isolation of fusion proteins and transiently bound factors from cell extracts or organelles (from all organisms)
  • low unspecific binding
  • no contaminating heavy and light chains of conventional antibodies
  • works perfectly for Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP)
A) Comparison of the purification of GFP from cell extracts with conventional antibodies and with the GFP-Trap®
B) Purification of mRFP, mCherry and mOrange from cell extracts with the RFP-Trap®

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