October 16-17, 2012, Olten, Switzerland


MICROSCON marks the beginning of a new chapter in the exploration of advances and trends in industrial microbiology. Its aim is to bring together experts from industry and academia: the conference is an interdisciplinary platform for networking, as well as discussing research and innovations that are charting the course for the future.
The conference will focus on the industrial application, exploitation, discovery and control of microorganisms. Microbiologists are not the sole audience here; other scientists from academia and industry with an interest in state-of-the-art applied and industrial microbiology will also find a warm welcome.

The presenting scientists will talk about the latest research and development work in their respective fields of microbiological expertise, including food and beverages, plants and environment, industrial manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals. Future trends and business development are further topics for attention.

While the primary goal is to promote know-how transfer from basic research to its application in industry, MICROSCON 2012 also aims to endorse and facilitate joint developments in this field. A limited number of grants will be disbursed to support the attendance of young academics For more information visit our conference calendar