5th & 6th June, 2013 and 28th & 29th October 2013

Oxford Global Training: Antibody Drug Conjugates

Oxford Global Training’s Antibody Drug Conjugates course is an intensive 2 day training course looking into the design, development and production of optimal Antibody Drug Conjugates. Delegates will gain an overview of ADC strategies from lab to market, along with a practical understanding of the latest therapeutic applications. Numbers are limited to 20 delegates per course to offer an interactive learning experience with Rajesh Krishnamurthy, a leading expert with first hand experience of ADC successes experience by Zygenia, Immunogen and their large pharma partners. Training will be tailored to each participant’s level of experience and desired outcomes, through a specially designed pre-course questionnaire.

The ADC Training Course enables you to make an immediate impact back in the workplace. The course will focus on the following key skills:

  • Understanding the industry and recognising the key players
  • Maximising the therapeutic impact of your Antibody Drug Conjugates
  • Identifying the main obstacles to confront when producing and manufacturing ADCs and learn how best to overcome them
  • Optimising clinical trial design and improving trial outcomes
  • Investigating the various therapeutic roles ADCs have played in human medicine
  • Studying the considerable impact ADCs have had within the oncology field and discuss how this success could be replicated / enhanced with new technologies.

  • The Antibody Drug Conjugates course will be of most benefit to those with some prior experience in the antibody field, but with limited knowledge of Antibody Drug Conjugates.
    For more information please visit: http://www.oxfordglobaltraining.com/about-us/antibody-drug-conjugates/