Learn to shine! An introduction to fluorescence at antibodies-online

Fluorescence is among the most captivating of all natural phenomena. It is also one of the most commonly utilized and versatile tools in life-science or biomedical researcher's toolbox, with visually stunning fluorescence micrographs dominating the cover of popular, highly-regarded peer-reviewed journals.

In modern life-science research, fluorescent probes are used to label all manner of molecules, cells, and tissues for a variety of applications including spectroscopy, fluorescence microscopy, FACS/Flow Cytometry, Western blotting and many others.

antibodies-online offers tens of thousands fluorescently tagged of primary and secondary antibodies for use in any nearly any manner of experiment.

To help our customers better understand these powerful tools, we have recently released a new series of articles in our resource section.

An Introduction to Fluorescence, Part 1 covers basic principles of fluorescence, and briefly discusses it's multitude of uses in the life-science and biomedical research sphere.

An Introduction to Fluorescence, Part 2 discusses how to choose a fluorescent probe for an upcoming experiment, and covers the most important criteria to consider.

Note: If you'd like more information, or need additional help choosing a fluorescent probe, our scientific support staff is happy to assist you.