Antibody alternatives: a new resource at antibodies-online

For generations conventionally produced monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies have been the canonical affinity proteomics reagents. These time-tested tools have proven their function and versatility in a host of applications over and over again. However, the antibody has some well-known limitations.

A number of established challenges continue to burden both the production and application of standard monoclonal and polyclonal research antibodies. These difficulties have prompted many innovative researchers to search for an alternate approach, and in recent years a deluge of new alternatives (both Ig based, and non-Ig based) have flooded into the market, each with its own set of benefits and abilities.

While these products have not yet gathered the widespread acceptance and use that conventional immunoglobulins currently enjoy, they often possess properties that make them superior options for certain applications. Will any particular alternative be able to dethrone the antibody, and take its place as the "go-to proteomics tool" in the researcher's toolbox?

In our most recent resource article Antibody and immunoglobulin alternatives, antibodies-online's Stefan Pellenz skillfully examines the various options available to researchers searching for an alternative solution.